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我們要作一個關於the Bwa people的英文對話 請問有誰可以幫我編出來 我先引我們課文有關於the Bwa people的內容 以及我們已有先打的對話


Among the most important art forms ever developed to give visual presence to the spirit realm are the masks of Africa. Among the Bwa people of West Africa,these masks manifest(make physically present) nature spirits,and with the costumes completely hide the human identities. Masks do not appear casually in the community. Rather,people call on them during times when the help of the spirits and the natural forces that they control are especially needed. For example ,masks may appear at funerals to make sure that the spirit of the dead person leaces the community and takes its place in the spirit world of ancestors.

對話(自己寫ㄉ )

A: Have you ever heard the Bwa people?

C:No,I have not heard that. What's that?

A:They are local resisdents of West Africa.

C:How about their ways of living?

接下來我想請大家幫我接下去 我想要從生活方式把話題帶到我最上面打ㄉ原文ㄉ內容(也就是他的宗教) 記得要把我給的內容也做成問跟答 一定要再對畫當中出現 幫我打個大概五分 中的對話化 要簡單扼要 謝謝大家幫忙

PS 請不要亂PO別人的知識 但是可以把找到的資料也編進來 不要照抄 謝謝


下面回答問題ㄉ人 請問一下 你幫我續接ㄉ 好像是不錯 可是怪怪ㄉㄟ 因為我是想要生從他們的生活方式一直帶到們宗教ㄉ內容 也就市我上面給ㄉ文章 但市你是直接跳到宗教 不好意思喔 可以在幫我多想一些嘛 若你需要資料 我可以把我找到ㄉ資料給你 你可以幫我打多一點嘛 拜託 我英文很破 呵呵

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    A: The BWA's ways of living are extremely spiritual. For example, they constructs masks called the mask of Africa, which utilize an art form to give visual presence to the spirit realm.

    C: What is the purpose of these mask?

    A: BWA believes that those masks manifest nature's spirit, along with costume, they hides their human identities completely. Those masks are used when BWA people need to summon spirit from natures.

    C: Can you give me a ceremony on when these masks are needed?

    A: For example, these masks are frequently used in funeral. The masks call the spirit to guide those who passed away to leave the tribe, and take their rightful places in the spirit world of their ancestors.


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