where can locate the waste ink absorber in my canon mp 150 printer?

I could no longer print because the waste ink absorber is already full..can any body help me locate the ink absorber in my mp150 canon printer? bringing it to the canon service center would cost me some extra amount.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I think if you open the lid look under the cartridges you should see an ink well with a sponge which is where the waste ink will be i always just get a dry cloth and clean out what i can get at and that usually will let you print again

  • 3 years ago

    Ben Lee , filling your guy or woman cartridges is large in case you have the staying power and the means to benefit the thank you to do it. the key's first to positioned on loose plastic gloves, the form that are available in each and every field of hair coloring. NOW you will in no way get your hands stained. next you may practice so as that as quickly as you fill the cartridge you seal it with scotch tape as a manner to permit the ink to penetrate the sponge, ideally in one day. whilst the sponge is saturated, then you definately take off the tape and determine the cartridge is great and sparkling earlier you place it on your printer. regrettably, too many faults did no longer try this and allow the ink drip down into the printer. this would possibly not in any respect ensue in case you first determine the crammed cartridge isn't dripping and is sparkling. I fill 1000's of cartridges and print hand-outs and my hands are in no way stained, nor does the ink drip. I fill my cartridges for approximately 50 cents in step with time. I try this because of the fact i do no longer charge our laptop classification individuals for the handouts and don't suggestions paying the bill yet attempt to no longer waste funds the two. even regardless of the indisputable fact that, in case you want, commonplace refilled cartridges are approximately $5.00 so in step with risk it somewhat is a suitable purchase for you and Too many faults. plenty sturdy success. You asked an exciting question because of the fact that's a fact that some human beings won't be able to even positioned a sparkling battery of their watch whilst others (like me) do it in 5 minutes. I easily have acquaintances who pay massive dollars to have some one positioned on new wiper blades on their automobile. in case you be responsive to the thank you to do it your self and keep $20 each time. comparable with ink-jet printers..

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