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Hi which Toshiba HD-DVD player should I buy for my ''50'' Hitachi HDTV/LCD with 1080i resolution?

Hi I was thinking buying a Toshiba HD-DVD player at Bestbuy but, there are several difference types of the Toshiba HD-DVD player's. I heard the Toshiba A3 player it is a good price & good HD-DVD player?

No I was not intersted of buying surrround speakers for home theater. What do you think & thank you for your help! : )

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    The Toshiba HD-A3 would be your best choice If your TV does not have 1080P capability.

    The HD-A35 is a great player. But when looking at your question I see your not using Surround. So why pay for the HD-dts and or Dolby Digital HD.

    The HD-A30 is better than the HD-A3 so why not buy it?

    Again... Looking at your question I see you only have a 1080i TV. So Why pay for the A30.

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    Does your TV support HDMI or DVI-D? If not an HD-DVD player or Blu-ray may not play in 1080i, since you would be using Component Video as a connection. If your TV does support HDMI then yes, the player can output in 1080i. lastly, I would recommend if you are really consious of what format will win, consider getting the new LG HD-DVD/Blu-ray player, so you'll be set to go!

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    If your TV has HDMI input - I suggest to get one with HDMI output - HD-A3 or an older HD-A20.

    If not - save some money, and buy a HD-A2, which you can catch at Walmart for under $100, or BestBuy for under $200.

    Whichever one you buy - get 5 free movies

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