PricewaterhouseCooper application question!?

PwC is passionate about providing our clients with exceptional services that contribute to their business success.

From a business perspective, if you were to join PwC, which organisation would be your ideal client and what services do you think PwC would be providing to enhance the organisation’s continued business success (maximum 150 words)? Please note the organisation does not have to be a current client of PwC.*

I want to know what kind of respond they arelooking for. Really appreciate it!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They are wanting to know what industry you would most like to audit and what industry you have the most knowledge about..the more you know about the organization and the industry, the better the audit you will be able to perfrom...You need to pick a company in a industry you know about and like and how PWC would provide services to them..for example in terms of risk management, internal control assurance, validation of financial reporting, etc...

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