Mexico City?

What are some interesting facts about Mexico City?

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    Mexico city is the largest city in the world :P

    Mexico City Facts

    Fact 1: One of North America's oldest cities, Mexico City was originally built along two lakes, which the Spaniards eventually drained. To bring water to the populace, an underground aquifer was tapped in the early 20th century, and reserves have since been steadily depleted. As a result, underlying soils have compacted, and in less than a century, Mexico City has fallen thirty feet – and continues to do so. As underground pipes rupture, buildings crack and subway tunnels shift, the city must expend huge amounts of money to repair the damage, whose end is not even in sight.

    Fact 2: Mexico City's Zócalo, or town square, was the epicenter of Aztec life in ancient times. Today it is still a major center of importance in the social and cultural life of this city and nation. It spans 13 acres and is home to a number of interesting historical sites as well as hosting a wealth of festivals, special events and government ceremonies.

    Fact 3: If you want to tread along what's fabled to be the oldest road in this ancient city, head to the Coyoacán neighborhood that's located near San Angel. It's a charming colonial section of the city, with plenty of trees and central courtyards. The street sign you should look for is Calle Francisco Sosa, a narrow alleyway made of old-fashioned cobblestone.

    Fact 4: Mexico City is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. With a population of between 18 and 22 million (depending on what's actually defined as the city limits), this city stands sentry along with the other big metropolises of the world – Tokyo, New York and Seoul.

    Fact 5: Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés first became personally acquainted with Mexico City in 1519. However, it was not until August 13, 1521, that he actually claimed it for his native country. He led a 79-day siege that virtually wiped out the ancient Aztec city. In 1525, the city was rebuilt to serve Spanish royalty.

    Fact 6: On September 14, 1847, Mexico City was invaded by General Winfield Scott of the United States of America. This invasion forced the nation to cede Northern California and New Mexico to the invading party. Mexican soldiers were so resolved that their beloved country not be dissected that they fought to the death. In fact, some soldiers at the Castillo de Chapultepec wrapped themselves in their country's flag and flung themselves from the castle's walls to their deaths in order to keep the flags from being confiscated.

    Fact 7: Many French influences can be seen around Mexico City. These, in part, came from the three-decade rule of Porfirio Diaz. In fact, the city's golden Angel of Independence was erected during his rule, celebrating 100 years after the country's War of Independence. The Palacio de Bellas Artes and the enlarging of the Paseo de la Reforma a la Champs-Élysées also were projects underway during this time.

    Fact 8: In 1968, Mexico City played host to the nations as it served as the site for the Olympic Games. However, a tragic event marred the joyous occasion. Mexican troops fired on a group of unarmed student protesters in what's become known as the Tlatelolco Massacre.

    Fact 9: An earthquake of great proportion, magnitude of 8.1, struck this world-renown city on September 19, 1985. The quake caused severe damage, killing between 5,000 and 20,000 people and leaving between 50,000 and 90,000 without residences. Many government buildings were also destroyed as the quake's epicenter was in the very center of the city. Aftershocks were calculated at a magnitude of 7.5 up to 36 hours after the original event.

    Fact 10: An economic hub, Mexico City has financial ties to almost every other nation in the world. Many international corporations have a presence in this notable city. In fact, Mexico City single handedly produces 25% of the country's $815 billion GDP. These numbers rank the city as the world's 30th largest economy.

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    Mexico DF is an amazing place. Remember 30 million people driving cars living in a dry lake bed. Yeah it is very polluted, bad. In fact when I was there people would walk around in blue masks, some days there would be little visability in the sky and it was hot as hell in the winter. For all of Mexicos downers things like teotiwachaun, oxchimilico, the Metro, etc make the beautiy that is mexico

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    its the biggest city in mexico. u cant flush toliet paper and is a very dry place. also u need to have either passos or american money. also there is alot of nice mexican people there. there is also markets to buy things

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      8 years later and I still get angry by your ignorance of saying you can't flush toilet paper

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    I live in Mexico. If you want send me your e mail.

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