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HELP?What is definition of STATE IMPLEMENTATION?

i am from out of US.

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    Usually it refers to a situation where the Federal government has passed a law, but left it up to the individual States to implement the law.

    For example, the Feds might pass a law saying that no-one is allowed to wear a pink hat. That would be a Federal law, and if you wore a pink hat the FBI would arrest you, and you'd be tried in a Federal court, and sent to Federal prison.

    Alternatively, they Feds could pass a law saying that since pink hats are unsightly, any State that doesn't pass a law banning them won't be eligible for Federal highway funds. Not wanting to lose the money, California passes a law banning pink hats. If you wear a pink hat in CA, you'll be arrested by the local police, tried in a CA State court, and sent to State prison. That's the State implementing a Federal law.

    Other - more realistic examples - are things like workplace safety laws, where OSHA - a Federal agency - passes regulations, but implementing them is up to each individual States agency (Cal-OSHA, for example) who can make stiffer rules, but not laxer ones.


    The Clean Air Act, cited by the poster above, is another good example - the Feds wrote the basic law, but each State gets to make it's own implementation plan, and can make stricter rules if they want to.

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    A state plan required by the Clean Air act to bring nonattainment areas into compliance with federal ambient air quality standards.

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    Implementation is the realization of an application, or execution of a plan, idea, model, design, specification, standard, algorithm, or policy.

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    state plan for complying with the US Clean Air Act; rules, guidelines, etc.

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