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help korean speakers?

how do you pronounce in kkorean:

hi, what u doing?

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    ahn nyung, muo ha go ee ssuh? (between similar age/informal)

    ahn nyung, muo ha go ee ni? (between similar age/informal)

    ahn nyung, muol ha go ee jji? (between similar age/informal)

    ahn nyung, muo ha go eet nya?(between similar age/rude)

    ahn nyung ha se yo, muo ha go ee ssuh yo? (polite)

    ahn nyung ha se yo, muo ha go ge se yo? (very polite/to older people/formal)

    ahn nyung ha shim nikka, muo ha go ge shi jo? (very polite/to adults)

    ahn nyung ha shim nikka, muo ha go ge shim nikka? (very polite/to adults)

    P.S. you might think I'm complex for putting this many but politeness in Korean highly matters. And btw, there are few more variations from these.

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    Persian (Dari, Farsi, Tajik) or Russian are the simplest in that record, as they the two are purely type II Languages (important linguistic and/or cultural transformations from English). Vietnamese is quite greater durable than different type II Languages. Arabic, Cantonese, eastern, Korean and Mandarin chinese language are type III Languages (fairly confusing for community English audio device).

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    Since you obviously don't speak Korean, let's be simple.

    Ahn-young. (Hey)

    Mo-hae? (What are you doing?)

    Also, if you want to be polite. Just add the -yo.

    Ahn-young-ha-sae-yo (Except this one)

    Mo-hae-yo? (There are better ways to say this, but much easier for you.)

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    find a good korean-english or a site im sure there is one

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    "ahn yawng. mo hah go een yee?"

    the a is like the "a" in father


    Source(s): half korean. <3
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    They might not greet each other that way. Check out this website for help.

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    ahn young

    jigum mohago itne?

    and then its spelt lke this

    안녕 지금 뭐하고있니?

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    안녕, 뭐 하고 있어요?

    annyeong, mo hago issoyo?

    --> polite casual form

    The annyeong part is actually not the polite form, but you can use it among friends.

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    You might want to work on your English first

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    ahn young, mo hen nun guh ya?

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