In zone 5, US, can I put gloxinias outside in the flower bed and have them live as a perennial?

Know they are related to African Violets, so would think the answer would be NO, but was told differently by a flower shop.

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    1 decade ago
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    You're doing the right thing to double check on a fragile flower. I'm aware of one Gloxinia (Hardy Gloxinia, Incarvillea delavayi) that is hardy to Zone 6, but I'm not aware of any that are hardy to Zone 5.

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    There is a hardy perennial gloxinia that you can grow outside, but not the one in the florist shop. They gave you misinformation. Check it out:

    Detailed information on Hardy Gloxinia Incarvillea delavayiInformation and 6 images for Hardy Gloxinia Incarvillea delavayi.

    info on caring for a florist gloxinia:

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    You can overwinter gloxinias IF you treat them as roses; get a rose cone and mulch around the base.

    You'll have better luck if the plant is very near the foundation of the house where the soil does not freeze as solidly.

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