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Katz v. U.S. Case?

In the Katz v. U.S. Supreme Court case, what are the points of each side?

For example, Katz thought it was an invasion of his privacy.


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    The major holdings of Katz are:

    1. So long as an individual can justifiably expect that his conversation would remain private, his/her conversation is protected from "unreasonable search and seizure" by the Fourth Amendment.

    2. The Fourth Amendment protects people, not just places. Therefore, the rights of an individual may not be violated, regardless of whether or not there is physical intrusion into any given area.

    3. A warrant is required before the government can execute a wiretap, and the warrant must be sufficiently limited in scope and duration.

    Source(s): You can read the Supreme Court decision here: http://vlex.com/vid/19992409
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