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Why does Michael Jackson grab his crotch?

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    In the interview that Michael did with Oprah, she asked him why. He said this: " become the emotion of what that sound is, ok, so if i'm doing a move and i go bam, and i grab myself, it's the music that compells me to do it, it's not I'm saying 'get ready grab down there' you don't think about it, it just happens, sometimes i look back at the footage and think 'did i do that?' "

    So there's your answer, straight from Michael's mouth.

    ♥We Love You MJ♥

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    Michael Jackson Crotch Grab

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    Michael Jackson Crotch

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    In his 1993 Oprah interview, he mentioned the reason. He grabs his crotch because of the music. He admits that its not a good place (aww!)...but he says he is "A slave to music" which every musician/dancing genius should be...and whatever the beat/ tempo of the music is, his dancing steps follow. He really is a great guy, and grabbing his crotch doesn't lessen the fact that he is! Michael is awesome! Hope this Helps =) BTW...I think its one of his sexiest moves. As you can see above me, lots of girls love seeing him do that. It really does turn me on!

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    cuz it looks nice and hot when he does it and when girls watch him they go crazy!!!!!!!!! he is the sexiest!

  • Because he knows it drives the women wild!

    ♥♥We Love You Michael!!!!♥♥

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    It belongs to him.

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