Will you pray for a wounded US Soldier?

Dell is a severly wounded US soldier fighting for his life. He has progress then regressions. He will make it only by the grace of God. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you and God bless you.

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    1 decade ago
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    Sarge, I will indeed pray for Dell. When I read this post, my heart just sank. So many.... but, God is the greatest healer I know and yes, I will take this to God, in prayer.

    I also, ask God to touch those who love Dell as it is so hard to watch a loved one suffer. May God's will be done in this situation and may His love embrace all who are lovingly by Dell's side! God bless this family and may they see Dell as the hero, I see him as!!

    God Bless You for allowing me the ability to pray for a soldier who was harmed, protecting my country. Blessings!


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    Of course I will. Of course I am. God will ultimately decide where Dell will be at his best. If God chooses to bring him home, then that is a blessing, as well. Dell has always been in God's hands, and only He knows what is best for Dell, because God loves him. My prayers for Dell, are more about his relief of pain. No good man need suffer so much.

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    Dell's life lies in the balance with a devoted wife crying out in all directions for his rights. And prayers for God to see fit to spare his life. I am sure she & Dell's other loved ones, do not want him to live & suffer, day in and day out. We do expect the very best care for him & the others returning wounded & broken. To know that they are getting top care.

    My Husband & son are retired military. I was proud to be a part of that life & loved to think we where doing a special service to our country. My son has mental related issues now.

    I am very disturbed by the rude & down right hateful remarks being made on this sight. I don't see how you who are so hateful, can stand to look in the mirrow, or sleep at night. I am so grateful to God that he has given me plenty of proof that he exist. I will pray for Dell as will many others who have answered. God Bless all of you & you too Sarge.~~

    I just can't see why you want to add to the pain of another.

    I am ashamed for you, like it or not~~~~

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    1 decade ago

    Despite some of the immature answers, I believe that most Christians do. I know I pray daily and certainly will pray for Dell.

    We pray for all of our Soldiers around the world as well. We appreciate what you are doing and ask that God place Angels around you.

    "May God Bless"

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    1 decade ago

    Sarge, you of all folks know how lonely the life of a military man can be. And as a former soldier myself, no one would have to ask twice for me to pray for a brother in arms. His healing is in the hands of the Great Physician, not just his body, but his soul as well. I also pray you too will have many opportunitys to minister to the soldier and his loved ones as well.

    Victory will be yours!

    † Travelling Prayer Warrior †

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    Yes I will and I will pray for his family to have the strength to get through these hard times.

    I will also pray for those that have to give rude answers to a question like this that someday they will open their eyes and see what really matters.

    I will pray for those that feel prayer is delusional and does not work - just because they have not seen it work does not mean it doesn't. It does, and I have seen it many times.

    I will pray for those that live in this country and benefit from all it's freedoms yet criticize those that go and defend those rights while they sit around and only make rude remarks.

    Bless him and his family and thanks to him for serving.

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    Done and done continuously. I have no idea who he is, but anyone who fights for his country is a hero. He deserves all the blessings a loving and compassionate God will give him. The least he should get from others is the respect any and all service men and women deserve, unlike the absurdly cruel answers I have seen posted so far. He and his will be in my prayers. Peace be to him and to you. God is still on his throne and in control.

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    Of course I will pray for him, immediately. He did a noble thing and will not suffer for that!

    You can count on my prayers and I will pass the word at Church too, you are not alone! God loves him and will protect him.

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    Just did. For all the smart alecks out there who answer just to be 'clever' and get 2 points- I have 2 questions; Do you believe in the power if the human mind? Do you respect the choices of other human beings? For the first question; Prayer works BECAUSE one believes. Your choice whether to believe it was God or yourself answering. For the second. I guess you believe all the soldiers in all the wars should've stayed at home. According to history- wouldn't we all be Muslim by now?

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    I will keep Dell and his family in my prayers. I believe in miracles, and I will be praying for one. God bless you!!!



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