Need example of Six Sigma Process improvement.?

I need to find a detailed example of six sigma and it's improvement over a process. Pref. power point.

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    Hello Chris,

    Here are some interesting examples that you can explore...

    Example I


    Cardinal Health and Eli Lilly have publicly discussed the success of their distributor-supplier relationship from their Six Sigma initiatives. As a result of the Six Sigma initiatives, Cardinal Health and Eli Lilly’s inventory claims have declined by 90%, and the claim entry lead times declined to nine days.

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    Example II


    The dabbawallahs deliver home-cooked food to their customers daily in the city of Mumbai, India. They transport an astounding 200,000 Tiffin boxes daily from each customer’s home to office and back. It is worth mentioning that in 1998, Forbes Global magazine, conducted a quality assurance study on the Dabbawalas’ operations and gave it a Six Sigma efficiency rating of 99.999999% accuracy. This means that the Dabbawalas made only one error in six million transactions.

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    Hope it helps you...



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