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Thanksgiving math problem!!?

Calling all math whizzes.

2 married couples played a round of golf together. No Golfers had the same score, although the combined score of Mr. and Mrs. Albert was 187, the same as that of Mr. and Mrs. Baker. From statements below determine the first name (one is Harry), surname, and score of each of the 4 players.

1. George didnt have the lowest score of the four, but it was lower than the average.

2. Kathryn's score was 3 strokes higher than Carols.

3. There was only one stroke difference between te scores of Mr and Mrs. Albert,

4. The average score of the two men was higher than the average of the two women.

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    Mr. George Albert: 93

    Mrs. Kathryn Albert: 94

    Mr. Harry Baker: 97

    Mrs. Carol Baker: 91

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