What are some causes and effects of industrialization in our environment?

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can you give me some causes and effect of industrialization (even the advancement of technology) in our environment?...

...thanks in advance..=)
Update : except for global warming., greenhouse effect , pollution and ...show more
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The biggest one I can think of is all of the Carbon emissions being put into the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. (beginning of the 1800s)

Those emissions insulate the earth making it so some of the sun's heat gets trapped in the atmosphere and warms the earth, or so the theory goes.
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  • Sugar answered 7 years ago
    Too many to name. The one I hate most is destroying animals homes.
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  • Rainbow Warrior answered 7 years ago
    Oh Baby! You could write a couple of hundred doctorate level thesis's on this topic!

    I find it frustrating to even answer because where do you begin?

    I wish there were more options to present info... because I would create a chart that could go both ways to draw an effect to a cause and a cause to an effect as there are so many interrelationships with this subject...

    But just to offer something, let's take a very subtle effect we find in our environment and trace it back to the cause that can be easily supported with lots of facts out there.

    On the east cost of the USA many lakes have gone sterile. No life at all; no fish, no aquatic insects, and no algae. When you test the water to find out why, you learn that the water has become very acidic. Where did the acid come from? The lake is spring feed! It must come from the rain. How did the rain turn to acid? From the combustion byproducts pumped into the atmosphere from industries and the chemical reactions that then take place when these elements are exsposed to sun light.

    Sorry, I am not trying to be sarcastic, but there are so many cause and effect relationships out there as it relates to industrialization and our environment that just about anywhere you look you can find examples.

    And the examples lead to other examples and on and on and now we have one heck of a mess! Like a giant knot in a big piece of string.

    The assault on the planet has become so intense because all these tiny cause and effect scenarios have a synergistic effect.

    It's all so negative... could I just go the other direction and offer up some effects that would be awsome it would could just eliminate the cause?

    Like; outlaw paper phone books. How many trees could be saved? How many polluting industries that contribute to a phone book could be elimintated; paper mills, ink makers, power companies, trucking companies and last but not least land fills as less than 10% of phone books get recycled.

    I mean like why can't people just call information, or go on-line?
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  • vladoviking answered 7 years ago
    Gee we (Human) caused industrialization and we benifit ( or not) from it. Can't blame it on our cousins the chimps.
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