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I need money right in this second!!! immediately! ASAP?

I dont have a job right now. i´ve been trying to look for one since ages ago but here where I live its very hard to get a job and if u get one the most u can earn is like $200 a month!! I have no one that i can ask for money in this instance. What can I do!? I need to pay for my daughter´s school and am completely broke. what do I do?....


I am in my early 20´s. I am in college....

Update 2:

My daugher is in a private school.

Update 3:

I live in Honduras in Central America. Its a third world country so thats why the pay is really low.

Update 4:

No, I am in college. My daughter is in kindergarden.

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    when i was first looking for a job, i just walked in and asked for an application, even if they weren't hiring at the moment, they would have my information on file. another thing you can try is an employment agency like apple one, they will try their best to get you hired and get you a job. but just walk into every store or business you can find, eventually you will find a job

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    I'm assuming that you must live in a very small town to have this difficult of a time getting a job and one that only pays $200/mth. I'm sorry to hear. What kind of school is it? If it's college there are various grants and loans to take out. It may be best for your daughter to take them out in her name if you're behind on your own expenses. Talk to the administrative office at the school. Everywhere has fast food place. Perhaps you can try applying there. Right now, you can't be too picky where you work.

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    I Need Money Immediately

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    The most common answer you will get around here is go wait tables. It is a fast way to earn some cash. The other possibility is that if jobs are that hard to come by in your area you may want to consider moving to a place with more employment options. Also I am sure the fast food places are hiring everywhere. You will make more than $200 per month with any of these options.

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    there's only a few ways to get money right this second that I can think of one is to pawn something but then you run the risk of not getting back if you don't have a job..the other is to borrow it from a friend or family member. What level of school is this? If public school then you should be able to work something out based on the fact that you're not employed.

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    how old are you? you can do egg donation if you're under 30. 5k-10k payment per harvest. Or...ebay or sell your eggs on ebay LOL (just kidding)

    Honduras is a beautiful place. I wish I had better advice. I looked into the egg-donor thing b/c the pay is so high. You should too.

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