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DS Lite touch screen broken???

I have a pink DS Lite and i got it last christmas from my parents ( who didnt put a warranty on it ) and i let my brother play it and he tapped on the touch screen tooooo hard and now its not responding my dad tried to recallibrate it but its so messed up it wouldnt even do that I contacted nintendo and they werent much of a help on nintendo trouble shooting they dont really show my problem and it says i would have to pay $75

what should i do or where can i take it thats trustworthy and less money

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    You know you don't have to use the touch screen to get to the menu just press r or l and use the d-pad to get the the calibration menu and start calibrating and it will probably work. p.s ground your brother

    Source(s): Personal experience with elite beat agents spinning can mess it up too.
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    take to gamestop or a game store and see if they can help

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