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What is the GOP?

I've googled the GOP and found the basics about the party. But what is their role and now? Why do they have such a pull on who can get on the ballot and who we are allowed to vote for? And how do the GOP deligates play in? Why is the GOP talking about stripping the deligate votes from some states because they are having an early primary?

Any explanation on who and how you become part of the GOP now would be really appreciated, and how they work. Are they elected officals or what? And I know the GOP is responsible for the republican canidates, but do the democrates of something that acts like the GOP?

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    The "GOP" is merely an acronym for "Grand Old Party" also known as the Republican Party. Their role is to gather people of like beliefs into a political organization, to represent those beliefs through their organizatonal platform (policies), and to run for seats in the local, state, and federal governments.

    They have no more pull on who can get on the ballot than does the Democrat party, because not all candidates on the ballot are members of the GOP, and exert no more control over the government than the number of seats in government that they win in elections, just like the democrats.

    GOP delegates play the same role as do the Democrat delegates. They confirm the nomination of their party's choice for candidate for the offices of president and vice-president in the upcoming election.

    I believe that the talk of "stripping away" the delegate votes of those states that have early primaries is merely talk, because it would damage the credibility of their party convention for the coming election.

    You become part of the GOP merely by registering in that party at your local registrar of voters. You become a voice in that party by working your way up the ladder within the party by helping with election campaigns of various GOP candidates, by becoming prominent in your county's GOP organization, by being chosen as a convention delegate for your state, by choosing to run for office and obtaining your party's backing.

    The Democrat party functions in the same way.

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    The Republican Party was first referred to as the "grand old party" in 1876, and the abbreviation GOP first began it's appearance in 1884.....There are approximately 55 million or so identified as republican which represents 1/3 of the electorate. The complexion of today's GOP is the shade of conservatism, leaning more and more towards the "religious right", their political stance is pro-business, have opposed raising income taxes for any reason, traditionally oppose any raise in minimum wage, oppose most all liberal ideas (ex.-"same-sex" marriage), and oppose governmental aid and healthcare for the poor and needy. They have repeatedly pushed and taken from Mother Nature for their "pro-business" reasons and ventures, and have a poor record of environmental respect and protection (the one exception being Teddy Roosevelt). Some view their current policy and vision as " war based economy", and more than one in the Bush administration favors the "preemptive strike" as a necessary and acceptable doctrine......as far as opposing an early primary, not really sure why, my guess is that it is their hope Mr Bush's popularity will improve given a little more time, making the republican choice for presidency a more favorable and easy to digest choice, for as of now, it is very much unlikely that history will look favorable or with respect towards the present administration............jeoz........

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    GOP is an acronym for Grand Old Party. Its simply a traditional nickname for the Republican Party.

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    the "Grand Old Party" or the Republican party.

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