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what nutrients (vitamins, minerals, supplements) do apple seeds contain?

If I eat apple seeds, what benefits can I expect to derive from them?

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    Apple seeds contain a cyanide compound, called amygdalin.

    In very small doses, the human digestive tract is capable of breaking down plant cyanides into harmless compounds. Accidental ingestion of a single apple seed or cherry pit, therefore, though NOT recommended, is unlikely to cause any serious trouble.

    However, larger doses cause anxiety, confusion, dizziness, headaches & vomiting. In severe poisoning, breathing difficulty; increased blood pressure and heart rate; and kidney failure are follwed by coma & convulsions. Death may then occur rapidly from respiratory arrest.

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    Obviously fowl Soup for the canine Lover's Soul! Also, are trying Blue Buffalo, well being, Innova, solid Gold or style of the Wild, these are lovely excellent too! Some thing else is almost always crap =))

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    apple seeds contain B-17 AMYGDALIN. which helps cancer

    i found this weird recipe

    Apple Bites

    * 8 oz. package cream cheese

    * 16 apple seeds

    * 16 raisins

    * 1 apple, grated

    * 3 T. apricot kernels, ground

    * Pinch of mace

    Mix apple with cream cheese. Place apple seed inside of raisin. Form a small ball of apple and cream cheese with raisins in the middle. Roll in the apricot kernels. Chill several hours.

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    I think they have a bit of cyanide in them, so don't eat them!!

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