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Just got a new 42in Zenith plasma tv. Question?

just bought this new 42 IN Zenith Plasma TV. I dont know much about Plasma T.V's but from what you see here did i make good decision, It was on sale for 700 bucks.

42" Plasma ED Monitor

Groundbreaking display technology delivers superior image clarity, color and brightness in large-format televisions that are less than 4" thick. Includes built-in EDTV Tuner.

Digital Cable Ready (CableCARD™)

This HDTV includes a cable tuner which allows reception of digital cable programming without the need for an external cable box.

852 x 480p Resolution

High resolution format produces extremely detailed imagery

5000:1 Contrast Ratio

Extremely sharp contrast between light and dark images

1000 cd/m2 High Brightness

Renders an incredibly bright picture, even in well-lit areas


HDMI provides an uncompressed transfer of high definition video from a digital video source to a digital display device. HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) ensures copy protection of the content.

Orbiter/Whitewash Function

Picture orbiter and whitewash functions to prevent burn-in in Plasma

Aspect Ratio Correction

Intelligent resizing of video and computer images to 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 conventional formats

RS-232 Controls and NTSC, HD, VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA and DVI Inputs

Compatible with DVD players, VCRs, computers, digital broadcasting, multimedia and traditional video sources

Fan-Free, Noise Free Operation

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    It depends on what you were expecting from this TV. It's Enhanced Definition, not High Definition. It says that your resolution is only capable of 480p. You don't reach HD until 720p. I think that if you're going to spend a good chunk of change on a new TV then you need to get something that is going to last you a while.

    My opinion is that you should take it back and save up a few hundred more and get a mid range HD plasma. Look at a Panasonic for plasma in your range. Good luck.

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    Plasma TV definitely

  • Anonymous
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    The resolution and contast ratio aren't state of the art but for $700 (pfft), enjoy Thanksgiving Football.

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    bad brand. should of stuck with pioneer, lg, panasonic, or samsung.

    but the 42' on these brands are 1200 bucks. for 700 bucks, that's almost half off of these 42' brands.

    so i guess it is a good deal since you pay for what you get.

    @justin, sony doesn't make plasmas, they are exclusive to lcd television sets.

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    the tv is going to need a digital box converter in 2008 or 2010. The signal is going to be all digital not analog. The only tv's that dont need the box are the 1080i tv's

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    nope, very bad brand pioneer samsung sony.......i both a 56 in plasma last week for $500 at sears it's a samsung

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    take it back plasma is horible it will burn out in a couple of years.

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    So, just what is your question? I don't understand what you are trying to ask?

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