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God, I hate society today!?

Man, I'm kinda a hippie kid. Believe in love, music, and just being happy.. I've lately thought about this because I was at the store yesterday, and I was just smiling at people, and I smiled at this one woman and she gave me a dirty look, and looked away. That's just one thing about society today that makes me think. What are your thoughts?

I just think the world has changed. It doesnt seem as nice.

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    That woman has problems, but you don't. There will always be negative people in the world. No matter who you are, you can't get along with everyone.

    For example:

    MLK Jr. pissed off so many people he was assassinated

    Aung San Suu Kyi made an entire nation angry enough to place her under house arrest

    Dalai Lama was exiled from his home nation

    Gandhi made entire nations so angry at him and was eventually assassinated.

    Nelson Mandela was jailed because he was so peaceful

    You see, no matter who you are, no matter how great and peaceful you are, there will always be people who hate. Ignore them. Focus on the good side of life. The positive people. There will always be bad people.

    Keep on smiling. Our world needs people like you. Thanks!

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    For 50 bucks I'll let you hop into my time machine. You know actually maybe it's not the world that has gotten worst, its just the style has changed. For example it was considered very rebellious to listen to the beatles and have long hair on guys yet now its the norm and most people wouldn't think twice of it. If your interests lie in a certain time period prior to this one where the values of what is considered polite has changed, then expect to come into many clashes of culture. Maybe you should stick with the mindset you have now but just be aware that as the women below put it "sticking the middle finger" isn't as appauling as it used to be. And isn't it odd that the hippie's back then are all the adults we find not understanding now? There was a lot of bad things back then too..racism is the one that really comes into mind...

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    Hate is a very strong word. But I do not think that everybody hates one another. There may be some out there who are so consumed of their own world. They may have some personal problems that have gone unsolved and for that reason they tend to hold back the anger in them and being miserable human beings they are mad at mostly the whole world. We can all past it, it starts from our selves, teach our children well, and then life would be easier to live. Also, we are all different. It would be best if we see past our differences and take our differences as a tool to co-exist in this world. Let not be our differences to be used as an excuse for hatred or whatever negative reason. We need to understand the differences and take it from there.

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    Yup, you're so right. I think most people nowadays are rude, selfish, mean, and just plain evil, oh, and dumb. The world has changed a lot. It's become worse, a lot worse. Sure, we have all those nice material things that people keep bragging about, but life isn't just about material things. I love the sixties -even though I hadn't been born yet- but I know life was better in general. I think with the end of the 80's everything just went downhill.

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    Do not hate society. One woman is not the representative of society at large. Keep smiling because smiling is the projection of happiness within you.Give happiness to others and it will come back to you like boomerang.

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    when i was growing up in the late 60's and 70''s people around here mostly smiled and said hello-now it seems that a lot of them want to give ya the middle finger

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