Does anyone know any good talent agencies or auditions in the orange county/la area?

Please list all of them, thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You're joking, right? LA has probably the LARGEST concentration of talent agents anywhere. Same for auditions. There's no way I'm going to list them all, but I'll tell you where to find them.

    BTW, if you don't know where to find auditions, you are not ready for an agent. You need lots of training and a great resume before you attempt that especially in LA. Get yourself into classes. If your in the OC try taking classes here

    You can audition at many local theatres. Find auditions here: OR here:

    You absolutely need your parents full support because you can't do anything without them. Once you've been in classes for a while, get some decent headshots and start auditioning.

    After you've built a good resume, then start looking at agents. Don't forget that while you're in class and working on projects (theatre, student & indie films) you should be networking. Make friends, find out who is signed with an agent, get referrals! That could be your in to an agent.

    Here is where you find agents but NONE of them will take you before you are ready. - this one is not free, but it gives you a lot more info on the agencies.

    The auditions sites aren't totally free either, but they're completely legit. If you or your parents have any questions I'm fairly local to you and I'd be happy to answer.

    good luck,


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    4 years ago

    you're ideal to miss approximately Powers and ProScout (SCAMS). yet at 13 you have the cart in the previous the horse. brokers at the instant are not magicians waiting of their workplaces for green and untrained nobodies to stroll in so as that they are able to rework them into stars. they're busy businessmen and girls folk attempting to get artwork for the expertise all of them waiting have and are not the least bit fascinated in all people else except that individual has maximum suitable skills. So the 1st element you like are the abilities which you get by utilising doing each and all of the college performs you could, taking professional training, and being in community performs and taking greater professional training, then whe you have progressed maximum suitable skills, you could undergo an agent for representation. This technique takes numerous years.

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    1 decade ago

    are you kidding me??!!! you are so lucky to live in la! here. like universal city has same as dakota fanning uses.

    search this on google:

    osbrink agency

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