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How do you get by living with Lupus?

My Mom has Lupus and it was VERY hard for me and my sister growing up. She got addicted to her pain pills and sleeping pills, she tried to kill her self and she is very depressed. Im not real sure what kind of Lupus she has but she has weird blackouts, bone detection, grandma seizures, headaches, she got like EVERYTHING taken out of her stomach... The list goes on. I was just wondering how others deal with it? My Mom didnt take it so well... :(

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  • Bacse
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    1 decade ago
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    * My mom had grandma seizures when I told her my gf was pregnant.

    Lupus is an autoimmune disease - like rheumatoid arthritis. There's pills for that to keep it in check.

  • 1 decade ago

    My sis has it. SOme days are better than others. She keeps regualr doctor appointments and mostly treats the symptoms as they arise. On good days, she is active with her family, job, and church. On bad days, she's grouchy and lays in bed a lot.

    The key is that she takes breaks and lets herself rest when she is in flare. And when she is not in flare, she enjoys being with her daughter, husband, cats, and friends.

    My sis also has other issues she's had to deal with in life. I think that her finding Jesus when she was 13 and having a very supportive family are what really helps her out.

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