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Katy Lew asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

Dose anyone know anything about AADD symptoms?

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I have been trying to to some reserch and I think that I may have it. Let me give you some back ground, My 2 brother and 1 Sister were all dignosed with ADD while I was dignosed with a learning Disabilaty LD. Now I have been looking into AADD and It sound like I have a lot of the symptoms, Procrastinate, lazyness,easily distracted, absent minded, and disorganized. I have all of these thing and I am going to go to the Dr. Dose anyone know any info about AADD and what medications work ( everything I have found says that medication is the best option)? Any help and info would be great and please no BS answers! Thank You

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    Hard to say with such a short description, but given your family history and your symptoms, it is definetly a possibility. You sound like you have ADHD - Inattentive Subtype

    (There is officially no such thing as adult ADHD... mental health professionals use the DSM-IV to diagnose mental health problems, and it only lists three types of ADHD - inattentive, hyperactive, and mixed [both inattentive and hyperactive]. However, this classification system is outdated and will probably be revised before the DSM-V comes out.)

    I'm not a psychiatrist, so I'm not sure, but I believe it's sort of trial-by-error. All ADHD medications are stimulants except Strattera, which I believe works more like a SSRI (class of anti-depressants). The understanding is that the brain is sluggish in its functioning, so a stimulant is needed to get it to operate at "normal" levels. However, this is not my area at all, so I will readily concede that I am not up-to-date with current theories and such.

    Source(s): I'm a mental health professional.
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    1 decade ago

    Warning, really long post, sorry about that, but if your considering a decision as big as going on medication then its probably worth reading in its entirety as I did take the question and my answer seriously.

    As someone who has known full well that I have ADD (pretty strongly too) for the past I think 4 years (diagnosed I mean) I will strongly encourage you not to take medication. I know quite a few other people who also have ADD, all of them have either chosen not to take medication or tried it and decided to stop doing so since then.

    If you feel ADD is to blame for a lot of stuff that you have trouble with and it is a serious problem for you then maybe give light medication a try but be ready to go off it if you get any negative side effects whatsoever.

    So heres some background as to where I'm coming from with this. I went on meds for awhile for my ADD. At first it was amazingly successful, I could concentrate really well and all that good stuff. That lasted about 3 days. Then it started to affect me much much less. I tried a stronger dose and that set me off into crying and shouting at everybody for about an hour before bed every night. Went back down to the initial dose. Didn't really do all that much but stayed on it. About a week after that I proceeded getting panic attacks/anxiety for about 2 weeks steady (the longest and worst 2 weeks of my life)

    Since then I of course, I immediately went off the drugs and the side effects wore off over about a week. If it seems worth a try despite the risks then you could try taking medication for ADD. But usually the fact is, is that:

    Procrastination is something that you do, for some people, being kinda hyper and prone to zoning out or switching focus a lot ADD or ADDHD is something that you do. I still do it a lot. But its not something that should usually be treated with medication. Its something that you just have to learn to deal with, and get stuff done effectively despite.

    Ok, that was ridiculously verbose so I'll summarize and rap up now. My case was extreme and from what I've heard, pretty rare, but usually drugs aren't really the best way to treat ADD. If you really want to see if it might help, go ahead and try it but if you find that it stops seeming to help much, don't just stay on them for the heck of it, and always keep in mind that these are drugs, and powerful ones, so they should be taken seriously and given caution about taking them. And again, in my experience and from all the cases I know of around me, dealing with it and learning to cope with the symptoms of ADD when necessary is a much better option than drugs.

    Oh and one absolutely final point, stop thinking about ADD as this horrible condition that needs to be treated. Its just this coined term for people who are spacey. Thats not a condition, or a disease, or a mental illness (it certainly shouldn't be called a disorder). That's part of who you are and its not a bad thing except of course when you're trying to focus on a lecture, or trying to get your work done.

    Source(s): Personal experience with ADD and medication for ADD and the experience of my friends a lot of whom also have ADD and/or ADHD
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    i presume you meant ADHD, if that is so, then a psychiatric consultation is most needed and drug therapy is the mainstay with or without behavioral therapy.

    dr solo

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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