Ms access application in WAN?

We database team developed a ms access database application and deployed on each district of the region.the problem is the speed of the VPN on data entry from one district to tha main server.Is ms access has a limitation on WAN network?what is the maximum size of ms access database to use on WAN.pls any comment on ms access database and WAN?

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    1 decade ago
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    Access does not scale well. It's performance on remote access is always poor. This is why most remote data applications now use systems like mysql, and the most common way to use it is to build a web based interface. This is either loaded to a dedicated server at one location, or an exisiting web server. You then do not even need a vpn connection, it can be run through the web interface to control security. If maximum security is required using an ssl connection to the secured area (https in stead of http) encrypts all transactions. This makes for a very fast response as all the data operations are carried out locally at the server, and the whole thing works at almost browsing speed. PHP is a very powerful interface as it has functions for everything you can do to the database.

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    4 years ago

    All exterior IP addresses could be accessed from internet in the event that they do no longer seem blocked by applying applying firewalls. on your case this maybe the Gateway very own laptop or the firewall laptop protecting your Lan. you may open ports in the firewall. Setup NAT concepts if that's a packet filter out so as that your server workstation with indoors IP can acquire the packets from exterior IP. Get in touch with whoever manages your firewall.

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