what is hospitality business

hi just want to know what is hospitality business???


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    by large Hospitality business is an industry that provide hospitality services for its customers. most of these businesses refer to:-

    Hotel business - any kind of hotel or hostel

    Resort business - eg. Club Med, Disneyland

    Theme park business - eg. Disneyland, Ocean Park, Universal Studio, Six Flag,...

    Cruise business

    Casino business (part of them)

    please note:

    traveling agency for sure canNOT be regarded as hospitality business (in any textbook, in the industry network, not association)

    airlines can be regarded as tranportation industry

    restaurants or F&B can be regarded as Catering industry

    ### others pls do NOT copy my reply

  • cycd
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    that's hotels, travel agencies, airlines, restaurants - food & leisure business.

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