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我需要整篇文章的 中翻英...拜託!!(請不要用翻譯器)





而泰迪熊的由來 The History of the Teddy Bear

其實到目前為止,還沒有確實的證據能證實[泰迪熊]的出現地點及時間,但泰迪熊〈Teddy Bear〉這個名詞的出現是有一段故事的。

據說在美國總統羅斯福任期內,[白宮]舉辦了一次宴會上,宴會擺了一組穿著不同衣服的玩具熊,有裝扮成獵人、漁夫…等模樣,它們被陳列在桌上當作裝飾品,這組玩具讓喜愛熊的羅斯福著迷不已,但都沒人知道這組玩具的名稱,之後當場就有人以羅斯福的小名-Teddy,隨口叫那些熊為「Teddy bear」,後來「Teddy bear」被登載在報紙上,泰迪熊熱潮也自此時在全國熱烈展開,之後這股熱潮在幾年後也傳到了歐洲及英國等國家。




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    Teddy bear,it is a kind of pile toy with a long history,some teddy bears offer the children to to play,often used for comforting the children's sad mood.

    Others is designed for the adult, called「collector's project」too or「designer's bear is even」.Some teddy bears have been turned into an expensive collection in recent years.

    The teddy bear of the first kind has not been usually joined directly,head,arm and both legs had been sewn up on the body.Another kind of type designed for the adult has been joined directly basically,the head of the teddy bear and four limbs are connected with health through the iron stand of internal joint,can move about.Some has been turned into an expensive collection in recent years.

    Teddy bear bears referred to as,especially point out any specific type.

    And origin The History of the Teddy Bear of the teddy bear

    In fact up till now,there are no appearance place and time where certain evidence can verify[the teddy bear],but teddy bear<Teddy Bear>There are a section of stories in appearances of this noun.

    It is said in term of office such as Roosevelt such as US President,[White House],hold a banquet,a group of bears of toy in different clothes are put in the banquet,dressed up as the hunter,fisherman Waiting for the look,they are displayed and fooled and made ornaments in the desk,this group of toys make Roosevelt who likes the bear not fascinated already,but no one knew the names of this group of toys,later someone on the spot was with Roosevelt's pet name-Teddy,blurting out and letting those bears「Teddy bear」,later on「Teddy bear」is published on the newspaper,the upsurge of the teddy bear is launching warmly in the whole country at this moment too,later this whiff of upsurge was passed to such countries as Europe and Britain,etc.too after a few years.

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    There are different brands and teddy bear of the style in the countries all over the world,and the majority relates to the creator's individual character life background,in fact everybody is creating another oneself,but does not often know completely oneself.

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    Western teddy bear,usually the tip of the nose is sharp,more three-dimensional and more rigorous,just like westerner,Oriental's everything is stressed satisfactorily,so Teddy and Xiong Da who create out belong to the round fat type,the round is fat and very lovely!

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    Each teddy bear of era style too different,different teddy bear of era represent different background,quality material,garment,spiritual state of era,early teddy bear feel simple and honest,

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    back-end teddy bear relatively person who live,fashion sense,world trends prevailing to restore ancient ways and recreation now,so script rigorous western teddy bear move towards the east relatively teddy bear of person who live slowly too.

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