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鴻宇 asked in 教育與參考考試 · 1 decade ago







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    Subject - Beauty

    Beauty is a very comment things that - mostly everyone want it so hard in real life.

    And most of us knows that - everyone are ONLY one from this world, because our parents are not the same person due to DNA's issue.

    Many people follow after the fashion thing, or copy things from some movie star or singer stars. Either from their way of talking or from the style as they dress up from TV shows.

    Sometimes - I am kind of lose in my mind as well...


    Some people says "there is no ugly women, ONLY lazy women"... I am kind of dis-agree of that.

    Because if you are the kind of person, you was born in rich family. Then you may have a chance to be beauty women, since you doesn't need to botter so many things in real life.

    What if.....

    if you was born in a poor family,.....

    What if you are not able to feed up your own stomach in real life, and you must work yourself out like a dog out there. How can you expecting youself to not be a ugly part of them.....even you are not earning enough to be part of the pretty group of women???

    Well~ I may not the most beauty one from this world, but I believed I am the only one who has stronger in self-confidance. Then I do not need to follow after those standard.

    That's my personal comment of beacuty.

    Source(s): FYI~ 夠3分鐘吧??
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    那是從 "美女與野獸" 出發囉!


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