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如臨現場 英文要怎樣表示呢?

『如臨現場」或「親如實境」 英文該怎樣說才能表達意思?




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    1 decade ago
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    『如臨現場」或「親如實境」 英文

    兩者都要用到英語法裡所謂的"與現在事實相反假設語氣",並以"as if"(有如)來引導子句,子句裡的BE動詞正統的都使用"were",例如:

    He orders people as if he were the boss. 他使喚人的樣子彷彿是老闆似的 (但其實不是老闆)

    「親如實境」 : as if it were the real thing(或 world)


    The battle rages on so fiercely that it is easy to forget that this battle is just a renactment and many of the warriors fight as if it were the real thing. ... 戰鬥進行非常激烈,以致容易忘了只是操練,戰士交戰真的猶如在實境

    It only behaves exactly as if it were the real world. Maybe the real world hews to different laws." The physicist has no answer to this, nor does he need ... (機械人)舉止有如在真實世界

    『如臨現場」: as if you were there


    View Israel As If You Were There! 360 IPIX Pictures of Israel. Take a breathtaking 360 tour of the Western Wall (Kotel). (Please allow at least 30 seconds ... 參觀以國如臨現場

    see biology experiments as if you were there! June 24, 2007 at 8:37 pm Filed under Experiments, Scientific Method, Life, Neuroscience ... 觀看生物實驗如臨現場

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  • 1 decade ago

    如臨現場 If near scene

    親如實境 Kisses truthfully the boundary


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