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Has religion gone too far?

I know this is not true for many religious people. But on many occasions I have been verbally bashed for being atheist, mostly by Christians (as it is the most common religion in the US). I have been told I have no moral values for not believing in god. I have been told I deserve to die if I don't change my atheist ways. I have been told that I am just one big sin for not believing in god even though I have many morals and I am a good person. I am only 16 and barely have any money, yet i still donate to charities and do community service.

Isn't Christianity supposed to teach people to be loving, giving and accepting of other people for who they are. The why have so many Christians treated me like scum in their toilet merely for not having the same beliefs?

I think religion is a good thing for many people, it has led many people in the right direction. But honestly it is a bit ridiculous for people to go so far with their beliefs to act in the way many Christians have acted towards me


And to clarify it some more. I know it is not just Christians. I am just saying Christians because it holds more relevance to my experiences and I know more about what Christianity teaches.

Update 2:

To Bajingo:

Well if religion is teaching people that non-believers are the end of the world that would mean religion has gone too far. But what I am saying isn't religion supposed to be teaching quite the opposite or irrational fear of atheists?

Update 3:

Andy: I am honestly insulted that you would refer me to a website that bases how a good a person is by whether or not they believe in god and follow the ten commandments. I don't believe the ten commandments dictate whether a person is good or not.

Update 4:

in need of help: do you think atheists believe in the devil? We don't. I don't serve anyone but myself.

Update 5:

I do stand up for myself and I am proud. I am just questioning why people feel they are being a good person while tearing another person down for their beliefs.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've been bashed by atheists for being Christian. This problem is not a religious-specific problem. BUT... you are right. Christianity IS supposed to teach people to be loving, giving, and accepting of people. I am a Christian, but one of my best friends is an atheist and another is a Muslim.

    I have written about this before, and I am tired, so I am not going to go through the whole speach: but the truth is that some people are jerks and some people are not. That is true amongst Christians AND atheists. But I think the reason people treat you this way is also a little bit because these people are afraid. There are extreme atheists and extreme Christians out there, and if they had their way, the other side would be wiped out. This sets everyone on edge. So someone more ignorant than you or I will freak out a little and act hostile, because they fear you will be one of THOSE atheists who are going to tell them how stupid and illogical they are and how religion (and thus their very identity) needs to be wiped clean off the face of the earth. History backs up the fact that extremists will go to great lengths to injury and destroy their opposition. No doubt Christianity has, historically, been particularly guilty of this.

    So I recommend this: try, as much as you can, to treat these people with kindness and understanding. Make your argument, but be gentle and reasonable about it. They are ignorant and likely scared. I know it is easier said than done, but hopefully more intelligent and moderate people like you and myself can set good examples for our comrades and maybe they'll start to behave after awhile when they see what idiots they are being. :-)

    Oops. Looks like I pretty much did the whole speech afterall. Time for me to get my sorry, Christian butt to bed. Have a good one!

  • 1 decade ago

    It is difficult to answer Your question fully given Your young years

    I would offer You this

    For me You are a unique and precious Human Being and of course You have every right to find Your own way home

    You may choose

    The Freeway A Plane A Bus The Scenic Route Or Walk etc

    Some People don't like flying

    Some get annoyed with traffic jams

    Some really enjoy the Countryside and like to stop off for awhile

    Some aren't very skillfull at map reading and can get themselves lost for a time

    Which is the route for You ?

    That is fine

    We all make it home in the end

    People who would criticize You ....They are still learning give them time

    Enjoy Your Life and May You learn much


    On reflection

    You have put together a very powerful argument given Your age I am very impressed

    Well done

    I'm glad I'm not in Andy's shoes jk

    May this help

  • 5 years ago

    It's pretty hard for religion NOT to go to far, if you think about it. I mean, the basic concept of most religions is that there's an omnipotent being up there watching your every move and threatening to punish you if you step out of line. Alternatively, if you do the right things, you'll get rewarded after you die (where no one can prove anything), right? And the populace puts their faith not only in this being, but by those who claim to have a calling to preach the word. This is where things get messy: putting faith in a PERSON can really mess you up, because we as a species are very prone to going power-crazy. If you convince the populace that God wants you to go to war, then who are we to say no? Leaders throughout history have used this technique, although I would say that some still believe that these leaders were TRULY doing the work of God by going to war and killing. Religion can have immense effects, sadly. I'd just suggest that whatever people want to believe, they should pursue it themselves, and not rely on a leader to tell them what's right and wrong. Do your homework, and follow your conscience then. But then you've got the issue of God being pretty vengeful in Christianity... *cough 2 Kings 2:23-24* Anyway, just thought I'd put my two cents in; hope I didn't offend anyone.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    These people who do these things are not good representations of their faith, not Christ-like examples are they?... therefore they cannot be Christian. Calling one's self a Christian, doesn't necessarily make it so. We witches haev a saying "calling one's self a witch does not make a witch." This means it is how one lives their lives, that determines whether the title they identify with is accurate or not. There are bigots in any faith, we just see more of them in Christianity, because it is a mainstream religion (i.e. more people in it.) There are also some Atheists who can be bigots, downlooking and harassing those who believe in Deity. You will see this form of "bullyism" from people of any faith or even the lack thereof, no matter what path you walk. What should you do about it? Well I suppose that's a case by case scenario.

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  • Very good question. I think people in your age group are a bit harsher about their words. I myself have not gone through that, but that might be because I don't always see it as personal. One of my daughters experienced it though, such at this time she was at a church camp with a friend. It was a very bad experience for her. I usually give people an opportunity to get to know me before I spit out that little secret, most of them are surprised, and a surprisingly big number admits that they feel the same. So give it some time, teenagers always feel twice as strong about their causes.

  • 1 decade ago

    in all walks of life there are some people that make that walk of life look bad and iam sorry for how those people made you feel but it is like that when talking to atheist for a christian as well that we are crazy for beliveing in a god that does not exsist but if there is a devil then it is safe to say that there is a god correct and if you dont want to change your mind about who you serve a christian next step is to pray for you and let god deal with you for your choice that is why god gave us free will so we can choose what to do and who to serve

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I hear you I'm a Catholic and also currently earning a bachelor in science at uni. I believe in evolution and science and i get told that i cant do that because they contradict each other.

    What they are doing is unfair. Everyone has a right to believe what they want and no one should be told. Your beliefs are your own and they cant force things on you.

    Religon hasnt gone to far the people have.

  • 1 decade ago

    They see you as living proof of their 'antichrist', you are literally as proof of the End Of The World for them.

    Non-belief in their god, they believe, is as bad as being a murderer or rapist.

    How do you expect them to treat you?

    "isn't religion supposed to be teaching quite the opposite or irrational fear of atheists?"

    That would depend on the religion. Middle-Eastern patriarchal religion is dominionist at it's core, so that can't be just scrubbed away. Although they claim to be peaceful and loving, they also claim to be a 'sword', and that they are here to cleanse the world. The core belief is that humans are evil and bad at heart, unless you worship their god. So the 'love' comes with extreme conditions...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've been verbally bashed for being a Christian, mostly by atheists. I've been told that I wanted to revive the crusades and burn people alive. I've been told I wanted to exterminate every non-Christian and kill everyone who disagrees with me. I've been told I wanted to make Christianity the law of the land. My mom and brother constantly ridicule Christianity. It doesn't really bother me though because I know it is human nature to be spiteful towards people who disagree.

    Source(s): Rise Above
  • 1 decade ago

    I noticed you said that you are a good person, i would encourage you to visit a site called i found it to be most helpful with similar sorts of questions as yours. But to answer your question,

    As Christians we are called by God to tell the truth, but it must be done in a humble loving way, I am sorry if this has not been the case previously.

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