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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenGarden & Landscape · 1 decade ago

Planting tips??????

What are the best methods to grow an indoor plant well, how often should water it and feed and what food is best and guarnteed results are highly apppreciated:)

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    It depends on your plant, different things have different needs. As a rule of thumb, only water when a plant's soil feels dry when you stick your finger in it, and fertilize it with liquid plant fertilizer about once every 2 weeks, or according to directions on the bottle. Shultz liquid plant food is good, there are several others. You can find them at a local garden center.

    Results from you growing an indoor plant cannot be guaranteed, it is up to you how well you care for it. Do remember not to overwater it, that is probably the number one killer of house plants, next to total neglect. If it starts losing its leaves and turning yellow, and you have been watering it, you are probably watering it too much. Give us some more details about your plant (the name of it, and size of the pot) and we can give you some more information

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    We would all love guaranteed results! ;-> Make sure the potting soil you use is potting soil, and not from your yard. Watering depends on the plant as well as the container - if the plant requires a lot of water and the container is porous (for example, clay) then you will need to water more often. A very good way to tell when it needs water is to tip the plant (or pick it up) when it's well-watered to get a sense for how much it weighs. Then you can occasionally tip it to see if it's getting too light. (Remember that some plants like to dry out a little bit, some a lot, in between waterings.) Use a regular fertilizer (MiracleGro, Pete's, etc.) but don't fertilize as much during the winter season as during the other seasons, because the plant simply isn't getting enough sunlight to use up the fertilizer.

    Source(s): I'm a landscaper and used to run a garden center.
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    Watering...This is where most people go wrong. They either water to often or not enough.

    Some plants like to be dried out before watering again, some like moist soil all the time.

    Always purchase houseplants from a reputable nursery and remember to ask "How do I care for this plant" ?

    Most houseplants require indirect sunlight some full sunlight.

    You should fertilizer about 1-2 twice per month...but it does depend on the type of houseplant you want.

    Purchase good all purpose houseplant food for your houseplants. If you want a plant that blooms try fertilizing with a high phosphorus fertilizer...10-50-10 middle number means high phosphorus.

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    Most plants need the basics of water, light and carbon dioxide, (air) to photosynthasis properly and therefore grow.

    Without knowing the specific type of plant I cannot give a direct answer. However keep it out of draughts, (no plant likes chilly draughts), make sure it isn't starved of water. As a general rule of thumb the thicker the leaf the longer it can go without water, the broader the leaf the more light in needs and if it is a silver leafed plant it can stand direct sunlight all day. Feed them once a fortnight with a food suitable to the species of plant, (see your local garden centre).

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It really depends on what type of indoor plant.

    Alot of plants require the soil to be dry before watering but other plants require moist soil at all times.

    Make sure you have breathable (ie: terra cotta) pots instead of plastic pots and make sure the pot contains drain holes in the bottom so the water will not just lie at the root of the plant, that can cause root rot. Some plants require direct sun but others require indirect lighting.

    I recommend buying Taylors guide to Houseplants.

    Also there are a few good guides online. You might try reading this one:

    You can buy the Taylors Guide to Houseplants here:

    Good luck to growing some awesome plants.

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