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IUD, dissapearance of period, pregnancy?

I am currently on my 2nd Mirena IUD. I got pregnant with my 2nd son while using the IUD, but it's possible that because it was close to the expiration date, the hormones didn't prevent pregnancy anymore. Anyway, with the IUD, my periods lessened from 6 days to 3, but I've heard of women's periods disapperaing all together. I just had my son 5 months ago, bled 2 weeks post partum, had 2 weeks of a break and then started my period again. I've been irregular...not starting on the same date and sometimes spotting for a week instead of a regular period. I've had a few periods on or around the 18th of the month, so I'm guessing that's my start day, but I didn't get it today and have no signs of it starting soon. I'm planning on taking a test tomorrow, but I was curious as to how many people didn't get a period while using Mirena and how soon after getting one did your period disappear? As I already know, pregnancy is possible with the IUD, but is it likely I'm not regular yet?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it is very possible that you still arent regular yet. it is also known that periods get less and less and eventually fade away during the use of mirena. just to be safe, take the test and if you still dont get your period in about a week, i would call you doctor and just check it over with him/her. hope all goes well for you. by the way, congrats on the new baby!

  • 1 decade ago

    I would test to be sure.

    I had a constant flow of blood for 4 months after I got the Mirena IUD, then nothing for 3 years. I had it removed & it has taken a year to become regular again.

    My Dr. told me everyone is different so what happens to one may not happen to you and the other way around.

  • 5 years ago

    i'm perplexed. you're saying you are attempting to conceive, and yet you "had intercourse utilising pullout approach"? in case you attempt to conceive, he shouldn't pull out! That defeats the purpose. additionally, on an analogous time as *I* have been given pregnant two times my first month off pills, that's not an usual state of affairs. in case you study the labeling for Mirena IUDs, you will see that they say maximum women folk attempting to get pregnant conceive in the 1st year of attempting. they don't say something with regard to the 1st few months. and that i'll wager that's because of the fact it took a on an analogous time as for many former IUD purchasers to get pregnant. additionally, the label says that classes would be atypical while the device is first inserted or bumped off. Take a try. that's the sole thank you to correctly known for advantageous. yet because of the fact you're purely 2 days previous due...

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