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My turtle wont eat and wont sun bask?

i have a red eared slider female turtle, and i dont know how old she is but shes about 6 or seven inches long.

She has always ate and sun basked but now she wont eat or go on her basking area.

Is she dying? whats wrong

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    She is probably trying to hibernate...normal for a temperate species of turtle.

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    What is your tank temperature? If she won't bask, it sounds like she might be too warm in the tank to need to control her temperature by basking. It is normal for turtles to eat less during the winter months as they days get shorter. Try to keep the water temperature around 75 degrees, and keep trying to feed her. Maybe put some guppies in the tank that she can catch if she gets hungry.

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    It could be see sinse the weather change and the water is a little to cold for her also if you have her near a window they can sense the day is shortening so she is going into hibernation. Their metabolisms slow down causing them to stop eating or eat very little.

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    No, she is not dying. She is simply waiting for the next stage of turtle life: Turtle Soup.

    Time to buy scallions and carrots.

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    maybe it's her tank snd the water, if not take it to the vet my turtles is the same and wouldn't eat either

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    i dont know if shes dying or not

    but take her to petco

    and ask a specialist

  • 1 decade ago

    google it

  • 1 decade ago

    she prolly sick

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