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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 1 decade ago

Question dealing with circular motion?

explain why the faster the earth spins, the less a person weighs, whereas the faster a space station spins, the more a person weighs?

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    Faster earth spin less a person weights

    The rotational velocity gives rise to a centrifugal force which opposes that of gravity. Consequently, its effect is to reduce somewhat the gravitational pull and hence, the weight of any object on the surface of the earth. However, as things stand now, the centrifugal force effect is minimal and is usually neglected.

    faster a space station spins

    in the space whats keep you going in the orbit is your weight which is centripetal force



    where R is constant

    so g(gravitational filed strenght) is directly proportional to V^2(velocity square) if you move at a higher speed you increase the (g) increasing your weight .

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    Simply put, centrifugal force pushes us outward. On earth, out is up and away from the floor. In the space station, out is down and towards the floor.

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