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:) asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

i have a 145 year old book?

is there a web site to tell me how much the book is worth??? where can i sell the book at???plzz help


it's called," the republican court"

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    I would take it to someone who specializes in rare books. Actually, take it to a few places. That way, you will have an estimate.

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    I have read on another question involving a collector's batch of books, and they said that books, because of the paper... and especially old books, do not like air or dust.

    These people were talking about plastic wrap, lamination, then one said that a sealed mylar bag was the only way to be sure the books stay in mint condition... oh, it went on a bit, but you get the drift.

    The other thing I am hoping for you is that your book is in really good condition, or the price will plummet.

    Perhaps you could take a few pictures of vital things like the page telling who published it where and when, the cover... and wrap it up. Leave it at home and call rare book dealers until you find someone who you trust somehow. You could read a book about these books to prepare yourself.

    Then they may want to see a picture (that you have said you have) if the book sounds in good condition, etc.

    But no, really, I'd read a book or maybe even two about this subject first, even before the pictures. (I would wrap that book against elements now, though.)

    You've had the book how long? Reading on the subject or some other form of trustworthy study may be worth it now.

  • To found out how much an old books is worth, where you want to start is A copy of "The Republican Court" by Rufus Wilmot Griswold, 1855 edition in fair condition is currently available for $12.50 + shipping.

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    Typically universities have a rare book collection, if you locate one whos inventory focuses on that genra, you can make an inquiry if they are interested in an apprasial.

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