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I am a class 8 student and have got a poem named 40 love by Roger McGough?

I am a class 8 student and have got a poem named 40 love by Roger McGough in my english literature book which I am giving below and there are also some questions related to the poem which I am not able to answer.So could you all please answer to these questions after reading the poem.The poem goes this way- middle aged couple playing tennis when the game ends and they go home the net will still be between them.The qustions are-1.what does the name of the poem suggest?2.Does the way the poem is written affect the way it sounds?what is the affect created?3.what do you think the poem is about?? '

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    40 Love is a score in tennis - it means that one person (40) achieved all the points and the other person (love) had none.

    It is a bit of irony, since normally you would think of "love" between a married couple as being However, in tennis, "love" is a score of "0".

    The way the poem is written (I'm assuming it's written in either three or four lines) gives a setting, a rising action, and an anticlimax.

    Basically, they have no relationship. They compete for everything, and one always wins while the other always loses. Even though they're doing something together and "acting" like a married couple, they always have a wall between them.

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    40 Love Poem

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