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Mimi asked in HealthDental · 1 decade ago

Wisdom Teeth Recovery?

I just had my four wisdom teeth removed 2 days ago. I have a singing audition coming up in a week and am concerned because I'm having trouble opening my mouth all the way. Will this get better in time? Three of my teeth were impacted and one was out completely. the one that was out doesn't hurt. I'm also concerned because it seems the pain got worse since yesterday. I don't think it's dry sockets, and Vicodin is definitely helping. But I just want to make sure I'll be better in time for my audition (not to mention for Thanksgiving turkey!)


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ive had 8 teeth (included 4 wisdom) pulled (all impacted and absessed) and my husband just had 7 (4 wisdom 2 impacted) removed last friday ...he went back to work after 3 days and is totally fine now..and i was better after only about 4 days. I think you should be fine ..just make sure your mouth stays clean (its good to rinse ..not swish.. just rinse very gently..with warm salt water after you eat to remove food and help control germs) good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    a week? all 4 of mine were impacted and i got them out near the end of august.. mine were ALOT better within a week.. id say dont take TOO much med b4 ur audition.. but at least 1 vic to get you through the pain since youll prolly be able to open your mouth, but it might be painful.

    try not to stress your mouth out too much in the meantime!

    good luck! :)

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    Source(s): just had my wisdom teeth out; worked for an ortho
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