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PLEASE READ who else thinks US health care sucks?

Read the comments from (blurst2) someone that has been there with universal care. I don't want the government handling any of my families health.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Universal health care is a bad freak'n idea! What ppl want is heath care they can afford!

    The health care here doesn't suck. What sucks is the insurance (HMO's) companies and the high price of uninsured care.

    I know that true hard working Americans don't mind paying 'reasonable' market value for health care.

    It's lazy Americans that have a sense of 'entitlement' & want it for free. While those ones continue to eat everything they can fit in their mouth and smoke as much as they want.

    When ppl become more incharge of their own health issues and less dependent on the government the health care issue will disapate.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It SUCKS,

    Since when has our government managed money??

    Then there is the fact that they are failing with Social Security.

    And that our officials lobbyist will have the government pay even more for health-care and drugs.

    Also Canada's Health-care is going broke.

    The problem is that our government allows health-care and drugs to cost more here in the US than other countries, keep in mind that our tax dollars pay for their research. We need a smaller government and accountability. Think about it, we pay more taxes to give people jobs to make sure we pay taxes. We also need social reform, to many dead beats are draining the system, and as long as illegals keep the wages low, what incentive is there to work for nothing??

    To many Americans have figured out that they can get something for nothing at the tax payer's cost, and more American's thinks they are owed this. We have became too social of a country and it pays to be a piece of **** instead of being responsible. For example, a couple finds out they are pregnant, Option 1 get married or pay for their responsibilities or Option 2 live together, not married, and get a free ride off the tax payers dollar, hummmm which one do you think most will do???????

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not saying that private healthcare is perfect or that socialized healthcare is horrible either ... they both have their advantages. However, overall the quality of service and the expertise of American doctors is without equal. The entire world has benefited from the medical research and development our privatized medical system has produced -- the United States is at the forefront of medical science, and that is a plain out fact.

    Socialize medicine is fantastic when you have minor problems, or just need routine checkups ... anything other than that and you're pretty much screwed. Thats what happens when you give the government control over your medical decisions though (and thats exactly what socialized medicine is). It can also be somewhat deceiving ... when you don't have to pay anything upfront when you see the doctor, or get a prescription filled it almost kind of seems as if you're getting a great deal ... FREE STUFF!!! That is ... until you get your monthly paycheck and see the half of your earnings the government takes. Of which a major portion goes to pay for healthcare. In Denmark and Sweden my gross monthly salary was almost $5,500, of which I kept about $3,000 (thats $2,500 in taxes every month). Not all of those taxes went to healthcare, but I'd estimate about 40% of it did, so thats $1,000 a month I was paying for healthcare (which I had no choice in the matter). And, if anything bigger came up (which happened a few times) it was the waiting list ... one time I needed to see an allergist because I was suffering from serious hay fever (and I'm talking I could barely open my eyes, and I was having a real hard time just breathing), and the soonest I could get in to see one was in three months ... three months to see an allergist. Another time I needed to have a skin legion removed and the soonest they could do it was 12 months ... it could have turned into full blown skin cancer by then.

    Say what you want about private healthcare, but I prefer it. Sure ... it isn't perfect, but it sure is better than socialized healthcare. I live in California, and my monthly healthcare premium is about $320. I still have to pay $20 when I see a doctor, and prescriptions cost me $10, but I don't always have to see a doctor every month. So, thats about $350 any given month for the same coverage that cost me $1,000 in Denmark. And ... the best part is, if I need anything done here in the United States I am there in less than a week. If I need to see a Dermatologist I'm in an office usually within a day or two. That kind of thing is impossible in a country with socialized healthcare. If I need to have surgery done it a matter of days ... not months (see my other post ...).

    This is beyond the fact that the 11 years I lived in countries with socialized healthcare I could hardly go a single day without hearing someone complaining about the; cost, poor quality of service, and ... especially the wait lists. They HATED the wait lists. And rightfully so ... there's nothing worse than having something wrong with you, and someone saying to you, "we can fix the problem in a couple months ... just hang in there gipper."

    The Scandinavian countries are the paradigm of socialized medicine ... they have the highest standard of living, and the best human health index of any countries in the world. However, if they have any type of serious medical problem they come of the United States (if they can afford it), they don't rely on their socialized health system unless they have no other choice. That should really tell you something if they're willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money, and travel half-way around the world because they don't trust/like their own system (coincidentally, that doesn't cost them anything out of pocket).


    People like Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton are only giving you a very limited (and positive) view of the issue that is Socialized Healthcare ... they show you and tell you what THEY want you to hear.

    I was living in Sweden when 'Sicko' came out, and I knew a lot of Swedes that went to go see it (as did I). The overwhelming consensus was (and these are people who live the type of system Michael Moore is preaching) that he was full of crap. They very literally could not shut up about all the things he left out and didn't mention ... they saw it for what it really was ... a one-sided polemic.

    Source(s): I have lived in countries with Socialized Healthcare for 11 years ... have you?
  • Jax
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    US health care needs reform. I don't want to rely on the government either.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes, those that think government funded health care is bad look at France or Canada, it working over there so why cant it work here.

  • Carl R
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Maybe it's not the best thing in the world but it sure has the others beat....Socialized medicine, now THAT"S what really sucks!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Universal healthcare is an accident just waiting to happen.

    I hope we never see it here in the U.S.

  • 1 decade ago

    same here, their way, we'd have to wait in line 4hours to fix a broken leg, oh wait, that happens now as well = \

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Haha, not to mention the prices...

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