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how much gas does it take to start your car? what the longest its worth it to leave your car idiling...?

instead of just turning it off?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your vehicle only consumes a bit more gas while it is heating up and overcoming friction before the oil gets through the system. In temperate weather this takes less than a minute. If it is really cold out (like less than 40) it can take up to 3 minutes. These numbers are only if your vehicle has been off for more than a hour. If your off time is less than that, then the oil is still coating the gears and there is still sufficient warmth to have a 'clean' start. Older engines (pre-1990s) were far less exact than newer cars and needed nearly twice that time, but today's engines are far superior. Unless you are stopping for less than 2 minutes, there would be no reason to leave it idling. If you choose to leave it running, you run the risk of some punk jumping in for a joy ride and of burning more gas than you need to. Both of my vehicles have auto stop, that is they shut down the gas engine when I am at a light (a Prius & Vue Hybrids) Also, I used to deliver pizzas in a Ford Festiva, turned it off at every delivery, up to 20 cranks on a Friday or Saturday night, and never a problem. I got 150,000 miles out of it which is pretty good for what it was, and got 43mpg on every tank.

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    5 years ago

    we stay in Western, Massachusetts, gas changed into $3.80 5 a gallon at the less costly position this week. i imagine that our kin won't ever have the alternative to thoroughly go away the motor vehicle garaged with artwork holiday being a 30 minute force each and each and every way appropriate to a turnpike motorway which rules out walking, plus the MBTA would not run a variety of of bus routes out this type. i'd say we can start up using our motorized vehicle only for emergencies and shipping decrease to and fro to artwork at the same time as the gasoline expenditures attain $6.50 a gallon. interior the intervening time i extremely wish that they end charging a toll to apply the Mass Pike / route ninety because paying the increasing gasoline cost and paying about $2.00 an afternoon in basic terms to apply the line extremely is killing us, the line that would want to I upload isn't something particular / poorly lit / and the state has paid for its structure 10 fold, I recommend i might want to work out if there turned right into a picturesque bridge or something, I recommend come on we are only dad and mom and universal time abode shoppers attempting to stay, the state ought to locate yet another might want to to generate state gross sales, possibly in basic terms charging out of state drivers the toll, or in basic terms charging the toll on weekends. Our state also has the various optimal dielsel expenditures that is using interior of sight merchants or truckers lower than/bankrupt, and increasing our food expenditures too. i imagine trains are going to be universal back for commuting.

  • 1 decade ago

    the longest its worth to leave your car idling is however long it takes for the light to turn green. So maximum should be 2 minutes, after that you should turn it off and turn it on again

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    One minute is the answer to idling and I really think that it depends on the car for starting.

  • 1 decade ago

    avg 30 seconds vs starting.

  • 1 decade ago

    my car usualy idles for several days at a time.i just dont think its good to keep putting wear on the key from constantly turning it.

  • 1 decade ago

    todays computerized cars are better to shut off & restart

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