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TPS sensor, transmission?

I have a2000 chevy blazer and my automatic transmission would shift fine until it got to 3rd and overdrive and it would normally shift to 2nd and then when it got to 3rd the engine would just rev.. well i added lucas transmission stop slip and that seemed to fix the problem for abot 2 days and then it started ALL over again the same thing and i just parked it for about a month assuming the tranny was shot for the 2nd time and i got in it the other day and noticed the SERVICe ENGINE SOON lamp and checked the codes and it was TPS soo i replaced that and it seems to be shifting SOOO MUCH better and i drove it a short distance and used 3rd and overdrive but i am afraid to drive it on a long distance because i am afriaid of the tranny problems could the new TPS resolved my so called transmission slippage? Do you think it would be ok to drive on like a highway trip or anything longer than 10 miles i really don't want to have to pay a tow bill LOL thanks for everyones time!

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    The TPS could cause the 3-2 downshift but not the slipping. Sounds like a trip to a transmission shop is in order>

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    The sencor is telling you that you have a bad shift switch in your transmission that needs to be replaced, you will need to drop your oil pan on your transmission and filter to get to the switch, find the one that shifts the 3rd gear and unplug it and replace it with a new switch and then replace a new filter and fluid and it should be fine!

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