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I focused on nothing but the rheumatic pattern of my breathing. In and out. Inhale and exhale. I was vastly petrified. He walked toward me with a shady smile on his face. I awaited agony and pain.

There was no warmth or bliss. The caring features vanished and turned into harsh, cold structures. How terribly I grieved to be safe in his arms. In his arms. I knew that he was gone as much as I knew that this would be hurtful. He took a step forward balancing all of his weight on one foot and smiled in the way that made me cringe, then, he lunged.

Chapter One



Perfect age, right. Wrong. This is when everything starts to change. Especially for me. Feelings are more sensitive. Sensitive. I really wished that word didn’t exist. It hurts. I used to be sensitive.

But, that was before I knew. Before I knew the truth. We’ll get to that later.

I just moved from Florida. Let me say this again. Florida to an old, deserted Indian town called Bear Claw. Yeah, Bear Claw. Doesn’t it just welcome you. How much I long to be back in Florida with Carol. We had it great in Florida. Beaching it every day. We were inseparable. Many people don’t get to have that kind of relationship with their sisters. Then Dad had to step into the perfect picture. It’s like he just took the picture, ripped it into tons of little pieces, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it.

Dad thought that it would be great if I spent a little time with him and Grandpapa Frank. After Mom died I do have to say that I’ve been moping, but I was doing just fine with Carol. Now, I’m moping more than ever.

“C’mon Maria, it’s not gonna be that bad! You’ll have fun! Meet some new people, you need to have some fun. You’ve been so…..” my Dad paused at that, “so…….mopey.”

“I’ve not been mopey!” I shouted. I think that I shouted a little too sharply.

“Get in the car.” he said. I had said it too sharply. My Dad and I were on our way to my new school. The first day of school. Maybe school would be sanctuary. Maybe Dad wouldn’t be around every corner offering me cookies and milk and comforting and those dreaded bear hugs. Maybe, just maybe I could find some real friends. Friends that weren’t in my immediate family or were from the animal race.

I reached for the radio button, but he touched the back of my hand, signaling that he wasn’t in the mood. Or I had made him too angry.

We drove past some trees and dusty buildings. My dad really did live in a dump. We passed so many shattered things. Imagine a ghost town and it was worse than that. One of the log cabins that we passed, we stopped at. It was really little. One door that was on the side and two or three windows on the back. I wondered why not in the front. Were they trying to keep the sunlight out?

I was awoken from my thought from a deep, husky voice.

“Well, hello! Long time no see! I’ve been waiting to see you since you was a little young’un.” it said.

The windows were so tinted that I had to roll down my window to get a look. I reached for the handle and twisted it downward. There stood an old man, he was much shorter than I was. In fact, he was probably shorter than a seven or an eight year old. Then I noticed why, he was in a wheelchair.

“What’s this young’un’s name again Bill?” he asked my Dad.

My dad smiled at me and then at the old man. “It’s Maria Dad.”

“Dad?” I asked my Father.

“Honey, this is your Grandpapa Frank. You’ll be spending time with him a bit.”

I was so shocked that I didn’t even notice the young looking man that walked up.

“This is my little helper, Nathan.” he smiled. “He helps out a lot around here.”

Nathan smiled and put his hand out. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Maria.” he said. I couldn’t understand why this boy was so peculiar. He spoke normal. He walked normal. He just didn’t look normal. He had dark eyes. Dark eyes. Almost black. Long, black hair put up in a ponytail. He was so big and muscular, you would think that he was an underwear model, instead of a help.

“Well,” he said, “I best be going. I have much more work to do.” He looked straight at me then. Like he was trying to tell me something without physically speaking. “Good day, Maria.” He smiled as he walked off.

“Good day.” I said again. I looked at the clock on the car. Seven fifty-two. “Dad,” I said, now focusing on the more important things. “I’m going to be late!”

“Oh, look at the time. I am so sorry Frank, I have to go now! I’ll see you later. Maria will come by right after school! Won’t you Maria?” Dad said looking at me while he raised his eyebrows. Telling me to say yes.

“Of course I will. Right after school.” I instantly regretted saying it.

We pulled away from the driveway and headed for school. I had so many questions that I wanted to ask Dad. Why was Frank in a wheelchair? Why did Nathan act so weird? Who was Frank? But, I decided not to ask. I would always get the same answer I always got. ‘Save em’ for the Beavers’. It was liable to come up sometime anyway.

We pulled up to it, a school that was supposed to be a school. But it really looked like an old, run down, fit for mice, factory. Or something of the sort.

I opened the door of the truck and walked on the cold uneven pavement-that was supposed to be a sidewalk-to first period. I heard some footsteps behind me. Oh no. I didn’t want Dad to follow me. He did anyway.

“Dad, I don’t need you to walk in with me like I’m some kindergartener. I’m fine on my own.” I said, while turned around completely the other way. Sure enough Dad wasn’t there. Whose steps did I hear. Everyone was already in first period. I ran to class.

I had hoped that I would meet some nice acquaintances and talk some friendly talks. I was wrong. I walked up to Mr. Barren’s class and sat down. When he called my name for roll, he noticed that he didn’t remember the name, so he made me stand up in front of the class and introduce myself.

“H-he-hello. M-my n-name is,” I looked up at the twenty-five kids staring at me with un-amused faces. “m-my n-name is,” and that’s pretty much as far as I got. I’m not good at being in front of people.

“Go ahead,” Mr. Barren told me, getting agitated. “we all want to hear.”

Then, it was all green and more green. If you know what I mean. I felt like I was going to faint-and I did. But I didn’t hit the floor. That was the most peculiar part.

Instead, I was caught by gorgeous arms, which carried me to the nurse’s office.

“Take her to the clinic!” was the last voice that I heard.

After that, I listened to a high pitched, crackly voice-which was actually the nurse’s voice.

“She’s okay, she just fainted. She must not be too great in front of-”

“I’ll take her home.” said a beautiful tone. I thought that it couldn’t even begin to be a voice of a human. It was just too graceful. The voice was like the ocean, like the heaven’s angels. I already loved the voice-even though I had no idea whose it actually belonged to. I figured it was probably the guy with muscular arms that took me to the clinic.

He picked me up with one arm, put me over his shoulder and carried me out the door. Before I knew it, I was at my truck. But, he didn’t even know that what kind of car that I had.

I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful figure that I ever thought was possible. He had black hair, short cut and shimmering in the sunlight. But, when I looked at him, it wasn’t just his hair shimmering, but his whole body was shimmering in the light. Beautiful eyes, no wait beautiful doesn’t even begin to cover it. Picturesque eyes. Gorgeous little things. I saw all of this while in his arms. Remember that I don’t even know this beautiful little devil’s name.

“Is this your car?” he said. I was so drowned in his beauty, he had to say it again, before I could hear him. My ears weren’t in command with my eyes.

“I said, is this your car?” he said again with a smile on his face. He was probably used to all this attention, he seemed to be enjoying it.

“Yes.” I managed to get out of my almost stunned mouth.

“Are you okay.” he turned the corners of his mouth into a smile. (by the way, gorgeous smile)

Here we go again with the-having to say it twice before I noticed that his dazzling mouth said anything with that heaven’s angels voice-thing.

“I think so. How did you know that this was my car?” I asked, puzzled still.

He didn’t answer. I didn’t expect him to.

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    This is a masterpiece! Marvelous! The plot, base, and events are completly well planned and thoroughly thought out. I have never seen something so.... so.... I don't know a great enough word to describe it! This is the fur of the cat, the cinnamon of the bun! I happen to be writing a book myself, called the Butterfly Bop, so I just know that people will love it! Outstanding! I've never seen more senses put into a story until this! If you are planning to finish and get this published, I wish you luck. Best Wishes, A.S.

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    properly, for my maximum recent tale, i changed into inspired by ability of television. frequently television conjures up me in any case. yet this one is different. i changed into observing Terra Nova on television, and regardless of the actual undeniable reality that it wasn't that enormous of a educate, I nevertheless observed the flair in it. and then i determined that writing a unique with dinosaurs might want to be so cool, and something so compared to at least something i have ever finished previously. So then I embarked on all this planning with a number of those different characters, and it changed into going to ensue interior the jungle with dinosaurs. Then I continued the planning procedure and rewrote outlines. Then i began, and wrote a poor beginning i finished up scrapping. And now i have were given the idea down. And the humorous element is, dinosaurs are not even element of it anymore. So the element that extremely inspired this novel, would not even exist interior the unconventional anymore. It does nevertheless, notwithstanding, ensue interior the jungle, notwithstanding the idea is amazingly virtually thoroughly different from the unique inspired concept.

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