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Horse training?

What age is it safe to start riding a young horse?

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    You can start riding horses as young as long yearlings. I would recommending to wait until they are two. Its not how young you ride them, its how you ride them (have had countless vets tell me the same thing). If you start your horse at two ride them for no longer than 30 minutes. 15 minutes is best, but sometimes as we all know, we can't get what we need done in a set time. Don't just go in a circle have them walk and trot all over the arena, as you watch a horse outside they don't keep going in circles or straight lines very long. As you also watch youngsters outside they are pretty rough on themselves all the running and bucking, kicking, rearing, etc. So, if you start them at 2 just remember its not an endurance ride, get on and get off within 30 minutes (preferrable 15).

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    This all depends on the horse in question. Once they stop growing, they are safe to ride, but there is a lot of ground work in preparation to riding that is safe for younger horses. Personally, I like to start saddle breaking at 2 1/2 years, which gives me a bit of give or take on when I actually start riding the horse. I can speed up the lessons of a horse that's finished growing so that I get to actually riding them earlier, and I can leave lessons to every couple of days with a horse that's taking more time to develop.

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    Try to wait till 3. Although Thoroughbreds are ridden and raced at the age of 2, this is very unsafe. The bones are still growing and the horse could suffer from major medical conditions. Some horses such as the Icelandic aren't physically able to ride until the age of 6! Even if you are very light riding a horse that is too young could stunt his growth! But there isa always the factor of the horse's mental state. Are the mentally prepared for some strange creature being on their back? If they are not, both you and the horse could be seriously injured. Careful preperation by doing ground work can make you job much easier and safer

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    You can start training a colt under saddle at age two, but not putting them under serious work or turning at high speeds. I have started two year olds many times and never had one end up with problems. We purchased a colt that was a runt and late colt (born in July), and by his two year old birthday he had grown quite a bit, but not near the size and health I wanted him to be. We waited until he was a full three years old before ever saddling him....he's riding out fine, now, and is a perfect angel. He's gained a lot more muscle, though his height will probably remain around 14 hands. I think it really depends on the horse's bone structure, attitude, and overall health. You can start a colt at two, but no hard training. Just work on the basics and nothing that will stress their knees. Doesn't hurt to put a saddle on them for a half hour a day to get used to it, too. But if they're good sized, you can start riding them, and just take it easy. No cutting, reining patterns, jumping, or other stressful work.

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    2 1/2 years

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    It all depends on the horse, but most horses you can start training a young horse at 3, but riding at four! Somewhere around there

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    3 Years.

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    Whenever the horse is finished training. Once you feel you've trained enough, with enough ground work, and the horse is desensitized, you should be able to ride it. There is no certain age. If you don't know when you have trained your horse enough, ask an experienced trainer/rider.

    Source(s): Ride Safe- Western Horsemanship Book
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    it is good to start them young, between 2-4 anything after and it might be harder. Wait until the horse is done growing to really start riding hard.

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    2-4 but not long rides or it can cause serious medical conditions when the horse is older and at this point the horses bones are not set yet

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