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Is that really Johnny Depp's voice in the upcoming 'Sweeney Todd' movie?

I was watching the preview to it earlier, and I couldn't help but wonder if it is really him singing?

Does anybody know?


Thanks for the answers if any. One reason I ask was because my niece was watching HSM, and I heard the first one was Zac Effrons voice, I figured maybed they did the same for Johnny Depp.

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    Of course it is! Johnny Depp came to California to be in a rock band, not to become an actor. That was sort of accidental. He sings, too, from what I have heard.

    From Wikipedia:

    Johnny Depp's mother bought her son a guitar when he was 12, and Depp began playing in various garage bands. His first band was in honor of his girlfriend Meredith. A year after his parents' divorce, Depp dropped out of high school to become a rock musician. ... He played with The Kids, a band that enjoyed modest local success. The Kids set out together for Los Angeles in pursuit of a record deal, changing their name to "Six Gun Method." ... The group split before signing a record deal. Depp subsequently collaborated with the band Rock City Angels and co-wrote their song "Mary," which appears on Rock City Angels' debut for Geffen Records titled "Young Man's Blues." ... Depp, a musician, is a guitar player. ... He played slide guitar on the Oasis song "Fade In-Out" (from Be Here Now, 1997), as well on "Fade Away (Warchild Version)" (b-side of the "Don't Go Away" single). He played acoustic guitar in the movie "Chocolat" and on the soundtrack to "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" (he wrote "Sands' Theme", although the track is credited to "Tonto's Giant"). He performed on his long-time friend Shane MacGowan's (The Pogues) first solo album and was a member of P, a group featuring Butthole Surfers singer Gibby Haynes and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea.

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    I am pretty sure that they are using his voice. I mean whats the point in casting him if he wasn't the one singing. His charterer sings a lot in the movie.

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    Yes, it is - Steven Sondheim approved Johnny for the role.

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    Yes, everyone in the film who sings does their own singing.

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    Yes, that is his own singing voice. Tim wanted it in.

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    yep its him singing i can't wait to see the movie its gonna be great

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    You bet it is! Isn't it great? I'm so excited for this movie!!!

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