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What is the river that begins in the rocky mountains, forms part of the u.s./mexico boundary and empties...? the gulf of mexico? and another question, whats the river that drains the central plains of the u.s and flows into the gulf of mexico?


To Huba: Unfortunately I forgot my textbook.

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    Your text book will show you this or any map of the US. The Rio Grand aka Rio Grande or Big river divides Mexico from the state of Texas. The mighty Mississippi is the central river that goes through New Orleans to the gulf.

    Sorry to preach but this is too simple. You aren't trying hard enough. Looking at a map will be faster than getting answers from here.

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    Rio Grand is the boundry between US and Mexico

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    1st river- Rio Grand

    2nd river-Mississippi

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    first one is the Rio Grande and the second is the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio river complex .

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    The Colorado river. It is also fed by the Snake river which flows through Browns Canyon.

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    EVERYONE knows the Rio Grande is the border between the U.S. and Mexico... I don't buy the "I forgot my textbook"... you just don't KNOW your Geography.

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    da rio grande

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