Im having trouble installing an aftermarket radio in 95 Chrysler LHs help!?

Ive tried to put two radios in but they both turn on and there is no sound... the stock radio still works and both of the other radios worked in other cars... what could b the problem?

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    the infinity amplifier needs to be turn on use the blue rie from the new radio and the amplifiers will turn on

    good luck

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    could be a few things. One, there might be a inline amp that is not conected to the new wiring harness by a remote wire. Most new stock radios do not supply power to speakers, just a display and cd player that sends the signal to an amp. that car might require a relay unit like most late model gm's or the wireharnes is not the correct one for that car, resulting in crossed wires that the radio goes into a protect mode.

    Solutions- check the trunk between the rear speakers, or behind the glove box, or on the passenger quater panel by the floor in front of the door to see if there is an inline amp, pull of the plug and check wires with a voltage meter with the radio on, if your seeing a variable voltage on the speaker inputs, then the signal to the amp is correct, but the amp is not turning on. If no voltage, then your not getting power to the speaker wires by a faulty wiring harness/ and or absent relay kit.

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    you may examine to confirm that the radios you're attempting to put in are finished radios and don't need an amplifier. I look to bear in mind that Kenwood in straightforward terms has some million watt output interior the receiver and demands an amplifier. you may double examine on that, and additionally examine that the speaker wires are hooked to the right output wires. additionally examine the speaker ohms, they ought to be appropriate for the unit you install.

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