The right side of your work???

What does it mean when the instructions say to keep the right side of your work facing you? Does it mean that you are to crochet left handed once you get to the end of your row and go back the other way?


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    If you are supposed to keep the right side facing you the whole time, then you are usually working in rounds. Occassional you will find a pattern for rows where you get to the end and without turning you chain to make the first stitch of the next row and you work backwards - it takes some getting used to but you get used to it after a few rows.

    Are you unsure of what the right side is? I don't want to misinterpret your question but I also don't want to only half answer it.......The right side is the "public" side - if you are making a garment it is the side worn on the outside. If you are making a blanket, it's the side you would prefer to be seen (if you have a preference). Some patterns will tell you which side is the right side. Sometimes the pattern doesn't say. Most of the time you can use your judgement and decide which side you prefer and make that your right side, even if the pattern does note it.

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    Whatever side will be the outside is the "right" side. It's not the same as "left" or "right" -- it's "inside" or "outside". The "right" side is the side you want people to see when the work is done. The "wrong" side is the side where you tie off all your stitches.

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