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X factor, isn't this what the show should be about?

I know I'll get some Rhydian haters answering & that's fine but he has no sob story or skeletons in his closet (yet!), just pure, unadulterated talent!

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    I quite agree with you, it is what the show should be about. However, knowing how the public prefer 'pop' and how much Simon Cowell seems to prefer his group of girlies, who knows what will happen? As I mentioned in a previous answer, Hope should not even be there. They were all failures individually and had been shown the door once. I think that they and the boy group were manufactured solely to please Simon Cowell, with the thought in mind that one of them is going to win. I sincerely hope this isn't true, Rhydian is by far the best, and is the only reason I'm watching the show. I've never watched it before, I think we already have too many pop 'stars' around, many of whom can't even hold a note. Rhydian isn't a pop singer, but a star in his own right, and will command an audience wherever he goes. In my eyes, and I think in the eyes of many others, he is already a superstar. And thanks for finding that clip, which I've now added to my favourites.

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    I agree with you, but as the Dr said, his voice is not for the Pop charts, more musicals etc!

    He has got great talent, but his whole persona is not one that will be successful in the Pop industry!

    That is why Hope will probably take it, even though they are crap........I kept on hearing last night how the pop industry needs a girl band......plugging them or what??

    Still hope Rhydian wins though!

  • Yeah spot on Gart, I'm sick of the f*cking sob stories, if they need to get it of their chests, there's always Jeremy Kyle or Take a Break!

    Rhydian to win!

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    yeah Rhydian's really grown on me despite the bizarre hair! He's the only one with any talent left in the competition

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    Yeah, I think Rhydian's great and it's true everyone else gets their sob story but so far I haven't heard of any for him :)

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    I have to hold my hand up and say I didn't like him at first but he has grown on me and he is a very talented young man and yes it is what the show is all about - talent. He deserves to win it. Sadly it's missing in most of the other contestants!!

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    Gartom...the day he walked into the audition room i KNEW he'd go far and i can see him being a potential winner, he's fantastic, each time he comes on stage i get goosebumps, the only reason i watch the X factor is because of him and if he gets an album out i will DEFFO be buying it...he's awesome...

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    OK, he is a talented guy, he's just so full of himself. Some might call it confidence, but i think it goes beyond that.

    I have no doubt he's going to be in the final and heck if he doesn't win someone will sign him up, but there is something about him that puts me off.

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    Thank you saved to fav now to watch when ever I want especially during all the other acts lol

    He has the most amazing voice and am going to pay for X Factor ticket sit in bar until he comes on he is worth it he is going to be mega. Good luck to him I am first to say did not like him in auditions but won over 100% now.

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    Glad I'm not the only one who thought "Side Show Bob"!!

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