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    Shy San Francisco teenager Mia Thermopolis is thrown for a loop when, from out of the blue, she learns the astonishing news that she's a real-life princess! As the heir apparent to the crown of the small European principality of Genovia, Mia begins a comical journey toward the throne when her strict and formidable grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi, shows up to give her “princess lessons.” The two instantly clash—Mia has no intention of leaving her normal life to become the ruler of a far-off country, while her grandmother insists it is her duty. Clarisse is determined to do a complete makeover of this sparkling -- if not polished -- diamond in the rough in order that she take her rightful place in the royal line of succession. Now, the reluctant princess must make the biggest decision of her life—whether to remain with her family and explore a budding romance with her best friend's brother Michael—or to leave everything behind to accept the royal responsibilities that come with being the Princess of Genovia.

    Mia Thermopolis是個聰明、但極害羞又笨手笨腳的少女,她的人生目標是保持校園生活低調、避免撞板尷尬。可是,隨著嚴厲祖母的突然到訪,出乎意料地 透露了她的真正身份是一名公主,是小國珍魯維亞的皇位繼承人,令她「被人當透明」的心願終於幻滅。在十萬個不願意的情況之下,她參加了「公主培訓班」,並 要在三星期內作出畢生最重大的決定。期間,她經歷了連串攪笑的「變身公主」課程,又驚覺自己成為傳媒焦點,同時引來同窗妒忌,甚至牽涉一宗奪國陰謀……


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    走佬俏公主 The Princess Diaries

    豬扒學生妹杜美雅(安妮夏菲維 飾)本為毫不起眼的15歲平凡少女,時常被人玩兼當佢透明,美雅亦已接受現實甘願成為「終極豬扒」。

    The pig stews the girl student Du MeiYa ( Philippines links in summer Ann The decorations) Originally the ordinary young girl 15 years old with unattractive fine long hair, it plays to be and concurrently will transparent, beautiful to accept reality to be willing to become ' the ultimate pig stew ' already also while being refined often.

    某日,素未謀面的祖母嘉莎(茱莉安德絲 飾)突然到訪,並表露自己的真正身份為歐洲小國珍魯維亞的皇后,而美雅就是該國的公主兼皇位繼承人!

    One, plain to work for good sha, grandmother of Taxi, (whether Zhu jasmine fit decorations, silk of Germany) Unexpected visit, show one's own real identity value highly queen of WeiYa Lu for Europe little country, it is princess of this country and concurrently the throne inheritor to be and beautiful and refined!


    Good sha is it arrange beautiful to return to country become ' full-time princess ', get used to pig stew life beautiful to resist first refuse very much while being refined while being refined to want, good sha have only demand she participate in ' princess speed-up course ' come piece ' pig stew heavy to stand up ' first!


    But whom dark dragon ride except rough to collide board ceaselessly while being careless, it sweep labour contractor add thick eyebrow old glasses test blow cosmetologist even more, produce and connect with field laughing at and concurrently ' the impolite neighbour ', make good sha greatly have a headache.

    終於在眾多專家協助下,美雅搖身一變皇室俏佳人,除了令同學好友嘩然更引來狂蜂浪蝶,此舉惹來校內風頭躉蘭娜(曼迪摩亞 飾)妒忌並設計陷害,令美雅身份曝光大出洋相,美雅深受傷害決定做回無名豬扒,遂在加冕典禮前夕獨自「走佬」……

    Until numerous expert help, change one's identity suddenly the royal pretty woman while being refined while being American finally, except make classmate to be good friend in an uproar to attract overbearing bee wave butterfly even more, this measure cause the trend of events wholesale blue Na (graceful to guide and rub the inferior decorations) in the school Envy and design framing, make the American refined identity expose and make a bad show, is made and gone back the nameless pig to stew deeply by the decision of injuring American refinedly, then ' the man leaves ' shortly before Coronation alone

    走佬俏公主2 及時嫁到The Princess Diaries 2


    Princess Du Mei Vega is it value highly 21 years old stupid to link inferior to is it begin dreamlike life of princess and succeed to the throne to learn to control the country to plan to go back.


    Congress unexpectedly is it show with law honey inferior princess must is it find otherwise ' handsome or lucky son-in-law ' must give second arrange throne inheritor Buddhist nun of person can draw within one month to want to guide Knight then.


    Then queen's grandmother and princess can only begin to blindly date in the conference, two people are after a burst of interviews, finally inferior to find identity as one wishes man that status agree for honey, book all the life and hold wedding a few days ago soon each other in two people just, but the inferior princess of honey finds oneself with resembling thinking Sir Lars can a little feel the Buddhist nun of her throne.


    Two people are still taken the picture of raising the eyes by dog packs, let the whole imperial family fall into ' the pink crisis ' of inferior princess of honey

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