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Shu uemura VS Bioderma 卸粧

我混合性皮膚內乾外油,重有幾多暗瘡,之前用開ettusais卸粧,想試以下呢幾隻,邊隻好用D同岩我D呢 ?

1) Shu uemura 櫻花潔顏油 [粉紅色嗰隻]

2) Shu uemura 高效平衡潔顏油(清爽型)[透明嗰隻]

3) Bioderma 控油潔膚水  [藍色嗰隻]

邊隻卸得乾淨D同卸完清爽D唔會"lup chi chi"呢 ?

Thx all !!!~~

P.S: 希望聽一些用後感,不要賣廣告 !!!

Thx again ~~

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    my skin type is similar to you. little bit dry inside but very easy become oily on my face. i have few acne but have some acne "hole".

    i have both shu uemura (green one) and bioderma (blue one). no matter which remover, u have to wash ur face again by own cleaner to make sure the remover is completely washed away.

    my feeling of these 2 products are as below:

    01. shu uemura (green one) : very good removal power; even heavy make up, u can remove it by 1-2 pump for one time only. u won't feel lup chi chi after used. but for waterproof mascara, cannot completely removed.

    02. bioderma (blue one) : u won't feel lup chi chi after use; in fact, is a very little bit dry after used but still acceptable. the cleaning power is also good but i will only use for light make-up. because the way to remove the make up is by pouring the liquid into cotton. if ur make up is heavy, u have to use many cotton to remove until completely clean, which is not convenient. for waterproof mascara, it also cannot removed.

    Actually the cleaning power and feeling after used are quite similar for these 2 products. both of them won't cause acne to me, so, i like both.

    如果你在家落粧, 反正你都要再洗面, 噤不如用shu uemura, pump 1-2 下就ok, 唔洗用cotton擦完又擦.

    one more issue i considered is : coz i have some "hole" on face, i worry that the cotton cannot touch the hole and the make-up still inside the "hole". but for shu uemura, the oil can touch the hole and dissolve the make-up.

    so, normally i use shu uemura for removing make-up. i have used it 2+ year (i cannot remember la~~).

    but sometimes use bioderma if i have not any make-up, only wanna to remove the waterproof UV skincare or the dirt on face.

    hope my sharing can help you.


    Shu uemura 高效平衡潔顏油(清爽型) -> i tried sample b4, but the green one is more 爽.

    Shu uemura 櫻花潔顏油 -> is it for combine skin or normal skin? i am not sure, u better ask their stuff which one will suit you. i know the green one is for oily / combine / acne skin, seems it is most 爽.

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    我覺得每日化完妝之後,最好用卸妝油卸妝,所以我推介Shu Uemura, 雖然好大支但幾抵架,跟住再用返自己d洗面產品,洗多次,然後才進入護膚程序


    p.s. bioderma果隻卸唔到防水的粉底同mascara架

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