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in why leaves turn green in the fall by diane ackerman did she show authurity?

what in her story would make you beleave she was an expert.

what kind of noledge did she have on leaves.

what kind of research did she do.

ond what kind of observation did she do.

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    Okay, I`ll try it once more and hope, to find the correct words, to explain, what I mean.

    If you read the chapter "about the author":

    you see, that Mrs Ackerman is a poet and naturalist not a natural scientist.

    Therefore I think, one had to take her thesis as something like a parable: she discusses the bright green chlorophyll in a time, it normally "dies",in a time the leaves turn orange and red and fall, in a time the coloured summer-world turns gray or even white, the "non"-colour.

    She knows about all the real developement of leaves,their functions and importance, but alienates it in her privilege as artist like a painter does in an abstract painting of a sunflower p.e. You see the flower, but you can`t see its floral diagram.

    If you remember the article, I posted in your first question: "She is debating about life and death", not teaching Botany.

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  • ztim
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    Yup. Everyone knows the leaves turn different colors in the fall. The green color (chloroplast) dies away and other colors that were always there show. find out why.

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  • 3
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    looks like a homework question. read your textbook. go to the library.

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