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How the heck does an insurance company consider a yeast infection a pre-existing condition?

My insurance company is trying to dispute a bill because I had a yeast infection. They're claiming it's a pre-existing condition! WTF!!! A yeast infection? It's not like that is some serious condition that I knew about. I went to the doctor and found out I had one. What a rip off!

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    About 2 years ago, I developed a severe case of vaginal yeast infection

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    Did they put it in writing? If so, you need to forward the declination to your state insurance commissioner, with a formal complaint.

    Some women get yeast infections at the drop of a hat - or every time you go on antibiotics. Ignore the guy who made the hygiene comment - "he knows not what he says".

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    In my travels, I have found numerous claim denials as a result of mis-coding of ICD9 and or CPT codes. This is most related to doctors placing multiple diagnosis and procedure codes on a claim. My unqualified guestimation of this situation is that your doctor placed a pre-existing code on the claim. The insurance companies are not errant claim denyers.

    My suggestion to you is obtain a copy of the billing statement from the doctor and submit the claim with documentation via appeal. It would not be a surprise to me that your doctor miscoded one ICD-9 code with a pre-existing element.

    Your focus at this point should not be the insurance company until you validate the very information that was submitted.

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    I Friggin HATE insurance companies. WHAT A RIP OFF. I had a $5000 surgery and they wouldn't pay a dime because they claimed that it was done at an out of network hospital. My doctor even had prequalified the surgery and the FRIGGIN insurance refused to pay.

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    I hate the insurance companies. You pay every month and may not be sick for 5 years but once you are all that money you put into you will never see whats the point

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